Year 9 Theodolite Project

This week, Year 9 will be making a Theodolite with Mr Chick in maths lessons and using it to calculate the height of the tallest tree in the playground and also the height of the Chemistry lab (it is amazing what you can make with some card and a piece of string!!)

This project is designed to be a practical introduction to Trigonometry.  The class will learn the basics of trigonometry and learn about the practical application used to measure the height of tall objects.  The pupils will work in pairs to design and make their own theodolite.  They will each guess the height of the tree and the Chemistry lab, and then they will use their theodolite to calculate a more accurate answer.  There will be a prize for the best overall effort and the most accurate initial estimates.  The pair who get the closest to Mr Chick’s answers using their theodolite will get the main prize.

There will be a display all about the project in Mr Chick’s room. 

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