September; Return to school plans

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Dear Parents,

Following the release of the latest guidance from the Department for Education, we are now in a position to share our plans for September. These plans are subject to change as the situation is continually changing across the country and it is still six weeks away. You can expect confirmation of these plans by email towards the end of August.

You will have heard that attendance will be mandatory for pupils in September unless a pupil or a member of their family is showing symptoms of COVID-19. We are looking forward to welcoming back all pupils full time from the start of term.

It will be compulsory for all pupils will be returning on Thursday 3rd September. As per usual, please inform us if your child is unable to attend by 9.00am. Please note that if after 48 hours we are unable to get in contact with you or your child we have a duty to report this to the Police who will carry out a welfare check.

The school day will be very similar to usual with pupils attending 8 lessons per day and having break and lunchtimes with the rest of their year group at staggered times, including handwashing/sanitising breaks.

To minimise transitions around the school, pupils will remain in their allocated tutor base for the majority of their lessons except for Art and Science or unless they move to an outside space. The classrooms will be set up slightly differently with tables in rows facing the front and the teacher will remain at the front of the classroom.

Extra sanitiser stations will be in place for September. The school site will have been deep cleaned throughout and the government guidance currently states that children should not wear facemasks in school. Doors and windows will be open throughout the school where possible to maximise ventilation. One way systems are in place around the school.

It is VITAL pupils are not sent to school if they display any Covid-19 symptoms, or if anyone in their household displays them. Please contact the school office immediately to inform us. If a member of the school displays symptoms we will follow PHE guidelines and notify all parents.

Staggered Start and Finish Times: will be in place in September to reduce the number of pupils going through the gates at any one time. It is important that pupils arrive as close to the given time as possible. Arriving too early creates a queue of pupils and arriving too late may interfere with the next year group arriving. Pupils will need to use hand sanitiser/wash hands as they enter the school site and go straight to their tutor base. No parents will be permitted on site and if you have a query, please contact the office via telephone or our email address.

Year:    Start Time:     Finish Time:     

Hawks 8:30am            3.30pm

Owls    8:30am            3.30pm  

7/8       8:40am            3:40pm

9/10     8:40am            3:40pm

11        8.45am            3.45pm

Clubs: Initially there will be no before or after school provision until after half term but we will be in contact once this has been reviewed.

There will be no Wednesday clubs until half term but, again, we will be in contact once this has been reviewed.

Break and Lunchtimes: Lower School will have different break and lunch times to the Upper School, where they will have time to wash their hands, eat their snack/lunch and have some time outside. Pupils will be allowed to eat outside if the weather permits, but must eat inside their allocated classrooms if the weather is indifferent.

Upper school will have the same break and lunch times but they will be allocated specific areas which they must remain whilst outside.

What to Bring: Pupils must bring with them a fully equipped pencil case, reading book, chrome book, hand sanitiser, tissues, water bottle and snacks for the day (the water fountain will not be in use, though drinking water is accessible to refill bottles). We ask that mobile phones are put into a sealable bag when brought into school so they can be safely stored in the school office. No other items should be brought in without prior agreement.

What to Wear: School uniform will be compulsory. On PE/Games days pupils are to wear their PE kits to school to avoid having to access the changing rooms. In September it will no longer be necessary to wear different clothes every day.

Curriculum: During the first half term, we will be continually reflecting on the needs of our pupils and tailoring our curriculum based on this. Pupil wellbeing will be prioritised with daily tutor times looking at supporting the pupils on their return to school and re-establishing routines and expectations. We will also have a remote learning option planned in case of another lockdown.

We hope you all have a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing you all in September.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Ross Bovingdon


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