A Typical St Wilfrid’s Session


On arrival children will be greeted at the door by one member of staff, they will shake hands and be helped to find their coat peg and hang up their belongings. The other member of staff will be waiting at the circle time mat with calming music playing and they greet each child as they sit down. Once the majority of the children have arrived, we will begin with a welcome song and a few finger rhymes. We will also talk about the day of the week and the weather. A special helper of the day will be chosen and we will count the number of children that are present.

Children will be asked to close their eyes and think of the activity they would like to begin with, then children will be asked to leave the carpet and find the activity that they would like to play with. Whilst children will be working independently, staff will be providing individual and small group activities designed to help each individual child achieve and develop. Children are expected and encouraged to have good manners and good behaviour. During the session a snack will be prepared and children can choose to have their snack when they would like it. they are encouraged to pour their own drinks, serve their own food and clean away and wash up their own cups and bowls.

After the activities the children will spend time in the Pre-Prep garden, children will enjoy physical activities, gardening, riding bikes, drawing with chalks, blowing bubbles and much more. Children will also participate in the ‘Leap into life’ physical literacy programme designed by Devon Educational Services.

During the session children will join in with a ‘Letters and Sounds’ activity. Letters and Sounds is a phonics resource published by the Department for Education and Skills. It build’s on children’s speaking and listening skills, as well as preparing children for learning to read by developing their phonic knowledge and skills.

Each session ends with a story and a discussion about what the children have learnt and enjoyed that day.