St Wilfrid's Pre-Prep

St Wilfrid's School Pre-Prep

Montessori Pre-Prep


St Wilfrid’s Pre-Prep is located in an exclusive and unique setting within the grounds of St Wilfrid’s School.

Children from aged three can enjoy and achieve in a Montessori inspired and stimulating environment, with small class sizes.

The Montessori Method encourages independence of thought and action through the prepared environment. This unique cycle of learning is designed to fulfill the natural development of the child. Children gain an early enthusiasm for learning which is the key to them becoming truly educated.

Each child will feel valued as an individual, because the Montessori method recognises that children learn in different ways and accommodates all learning styles. Children develop order, coordination, concentration and independence. Children become confident, enthusiastic, self-directed learners, who are able to think collaboratively.

At St Wilfrid’s Pre-Prep we pride ourselves on having a friendly inviting atmosphere created by a welcoming and caring relationship between staff, families and children. Staff are enthusiastic, caring and aspire to help each child to reach their full potential and value their individuality.

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‘St Wilfrid’s has been a fantastic introduction to schooling for my daughter. My daughter has been excited about going to school from day one and it has continued all the way through. She has developed great social skills and has enjoyed new things and playing with her friends. We are very grateful for the start she has been given.’

Pre-Prep parent

‘We are really pleased with OH’s experience at pre-school. We realise that he can be a little shy but we appreciate that you have taken the time to get to know him and recognise his strengths.’

Pre-Prep parent


Montessori Pre-prep

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