Exeter School


Exeter School Sixth Form is more than a place of study, it is a centre for academic and personal enrichment.

Good GCSE results are an excellent starting point and the academic year kicks off with a welcome BBQ to enable new pupils to meet current pupils and teachers in an informal setting at the beginning of the autumn term.

In a couple of weeks, the average intake of 15-20 new pupils to the 200-strong Sixth Form body is seamlessly integrated into the rhythm of Exeter School life.

The Sixth Form is an opportunity for pupils to begin to learn with greater independence and there is a distinct shift in the classroom culture with pupils expected to read around their specialist subjects in order to bring their views to the classroom. Time is allotted in every pupil’s timetable for private study in the school’s spacious library and a Study Supervisor is always on hand to advise pupils.

Subject societies, competitions, events and visits abound at Exeter School from the Geographical to the Classical, enabling pupils to deepen their subject knowledge.

Exeter School Sixth Form is also a place where pupils can develop their interests beyond the classroom, from sport, music, drama to outdoor pursuits such as the Ten Tors Challenge or Duke of Edinburgh, there is something to suit everyone.

Pupils can hone their physical skills to compete in school teams or for the simple enjoyment of keeping fit and healthy. From recreational sport to a range of high achieving teams, there is a physical activity for everyone.

Exeter School Sixth Form is a place where skills for life are learned. Presentation and communications skills are honed by taking part in the annual Lower Sixth Form Special Programme, a stimulating week of preparation for life after school which concludes with the Business Game, an Apprentice-style challenge. Young Enterprise is another area where budding entrepreneurs are able to develop commercial acumen and problem solving skills.

Interview skills are developed during the Upper Sixth Interview Programme where every pupil experiences a general interview away from school conducted by local professionals and Exeter School alumni, tailored to suit their subject interests.