War Horse

Last summer a friend of mine heard that a film company was looking for two twelve year old boys to be extras. I sent in my photo and, a few weeks later, got a phone call from pinewood studios saying I’d been chosen. I then found out that the film was War Horse written by one of my favourite authors, Michael Morpurgo. That was good news! I then found out that Steven Spielberg, one of my favourite directors, was directing the film, even better!

I started filming in September. The set was up on Dartmoor and was huge; there were minibuses to take all the actors and extras to different parts of the set. My character had to jump over a wall into a field so I spent a lot of time jumping in and out of mud: good fun! I was also given a small speaking part and had to shout at someone.

I had to study at least three hours of school work each day. We had a tutor on set who supervised us; he was really cool and had worked with Russell Crowe’s kids (and Cate Blanchet’s). He had some funny stories to tell.

On one of the days, Michael Morpurgo came to the set as he had a small part in the film. He had a really good chat with me and the other kids in the film. I didn’t actually meet Steven Spielberg but he did get involved with the scenes we were filming.

The whole experience was amazing and I would love to do another film. War Horse comes out next autumn.

Theo Lezzeri


Recently Theo (in Year 9) has been an extra in a film so I decided to interview him about it. Here are the questions and answers.

Q: What film are you in?   A: I am in a film called War Horse.

Q: What part did you play?   A: I played an Edwardian farm boy.

Q: What was the film about?   A: The film is about a poor family in the First World War who buy a horse to plough the fields. The horse is sent of to war and the main character goes to France to find it.

Q: Did you meet anyone famous?   A: I saw Steven Spielberg.

Q: Did you enjoy it?   A: Yes apart from the waiting around.

Q: What was your least favourite Thing you had to do?   A: Stand around doing nothing.

Q: What was your favourite part?   A: My favourite part was when they used the rain machines.

Q:  Are you going to be in any other films?   A: There might be another one but I’m not sure yet.

Q: Where was it filmed?   A: I can’t tell you exactly where it was filmed but it was on Dartmoor.

Q: When will the film be out?   A: About this time next year.

Q: How many shots were you in?   A: About 4 or 5 different shots.

Harrison Beer

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