Sports Day 2011

The annual St Wilfrid’s School Sports Day was held on Wednesday 22nd June at Exeter Arena.

The weather was unpredictable (!) and we were greeted with a heavy thunderstorm for the first hour. The pupils didn’t mind as the 1500m was taking place at the time and they said it kept them cool!

Fifteen school records were broken throughout the course of the day:-

Ben Snow – Year 10 Javelin

Ellice Rawding Guille – Year 10 Discus and Javelin

Harriet Hurford – Year 9 1500m, 800m and 400m

Oliver Beadon – Year 6 200m

Vaani Shokar – Year 6 Cricket Ball Throw and Year 6 Javelin

Charlie Davis – Year 6 800m

Aja Humphries – Year 8 1500m

Piers Eggleton – Year 8 Javelin

Sam Milverton – Year 7 Discus

Laura Wells – Year 8 Javelin

The day finished with Tug Of War and it was a great spectacle to behold, especially the parents vs old pupils match!

Drake grabbed victory and congratulations to their House Captains: Matt Semmens and Beth Milverton, who organised their team superbly!

Well done to everyone who took part and my personal thanks to the staff and ex-pupils for assisting with the event.

Mr Bovingdon

On 22/6/11 we had a very fun(ny) Sports Day! The weather was at the start pelting it down with rain (when I was doing the ‘800M race’!) but after a while it cleared up (when I was doing ‘relay’ and ‘tug of war’) now you know the events I went in I will tell you a bit more…

On the ‘800M race’ I came 2nd to last, on the ‘relay’ we came last (mostly because of a bad start!) and on the ‘tug of war’ we were 50/50 with Raleigh. I was in the team Scott the other team is called Drake.

The whole school is divided in to 3 groups (Scott, Raleigh and Drake) they are mostly for sports. They are our houses. For Sports Day we were in those house groups.

On the whole scores (adding up all the scores on Sports Day) Drake was 1st, Scott came second and Raleigh was last. I think we did well!

It was a very interesting and exciting day and we had a really good time!

By Izzie Dawson

I looked out of the window on Wednesday morning, it was pouring down with rain. I was a bit disappointed as today was our Sport’s Day, I hoped it was not going to get cancelled.

We had to go to school in our PE kits, we were nearly late, it seemed as if everything was going wrong.

After registration we walked in pairs to the coaches, I sat at the back with most of my friends. All of us were worried that it may still be cancelled as the rain was getting heavier.

When we finally arrived at Exeter Arena, (the coach took a wrong turn so we ended up taking the long route), the rain was getting even worse. We were all told to take our places as our Sport’s Day was going to begin. Mr England started to explain the rules, no crossing the track etc.

My first race was the 800 meters, we were called out to the start of our race. I felt so nervous as the track looked really big, and I knew I had to go round twice. As the whistle blew I set off feeling very confident, I ran far too fast at the beginning, I forgot to pace myself and I ran out of energy after my first lap, I nearly fell over so I gave up and walked the rest of the race. I came last, I felt really annoyed as I am normally a really fast runner and thought I could do better.

The good thing that happened next, was that my mum arrived and gave me some money for tea and chocolate. I started to feel much better, and was feeling a bit more confident about my next race, which was the 400 meters. It had stopped raining, and I knew I would do better than my first race. The whistle blew and I paced myself this time, I came 3rd. I was so much happier, everyone cheered as I had scored some points for our team.

My next race was the 100 meters, again I felt much more confident this time because I knew I could run this length and not get too tired. I was really pleased I came third, against two of the fastest runners in juniors school. Things were getting better.

The race I was really looking forward to was the Relay. We had a strong team so I knew we would do well. Vaani was 1st, he was really far ahead of the others as he passed the baton to me, I made sure I grabbed hold of it and ran as fast as I could to Josh. Josh was still way in front as he passed it to Tristan and as far as we knew Tristan passed the finish line first.

My last event was the Tug Of War, and again we had a really strong team, with Vaani the beast at the end. Vaani helped us all win every race as he shouted to us to keep pulling. It was so much fun, but I must admit I was a bit nervous because I was in the front each time, and when we pulled them towards us, it was scary.

I was in team Raleigh, we came last but not by very much. I didn’t mind too much because I knew that I had tried my best in each race.

To finish the events, Mr England called for some parents to have a Tug Of War against the older pupils and Mr Bovingdon. I really wanted my mum to do it but she kept saying  ‘No Thank you”. The parents were really strong and beat St Wilfrid’s twice, (maybe if my mum was in it they would have lost).

It was a really good end to the day, I had a bad start but a great ending. I was full of energy and went back to school to play rounders in the After School Rounders Club. By the time I got back home, I was so tired and had a really good sleep, thinking about next year’s Sport’s Day.

 By Kale Shokar

  On Wednesday 22nd June the whole school from Hawks to Year 10 went to Exeter arena and held and took part in our schools sports day. We were put into our houses and had our form captains sort out the events.

 The first event was the 1500 metres and Drake won that, Mr Housecroft and Mr Backway started and finished the races. The events were discus, javelin, 100 metres, 200 metres, 400 metres, 800 metres, 1500 metres, high jump, long jump and relay.

The weather was sunny and also some heavy rain. I had to do the 800 metres in the heaviest rain. In the last 100 metres I decided to sprint and I couldn’t feel my legs.

I took part in the relay, 800 metres, 200 metres, 100metres, long jump and tug of war  

I would like to say a thanks to all the teachers for helping and sorting things out

And a very BIG thank you to Mr Backway and Mrs Symes for being fabulous teachers for many years. We all send big hopes and wishes and hope you enjoy your  retirement

 By Ollie Beadon

 On Wednesday 22nd June we had Sports day years 3-9 went on the coach and years 10 and 11 went on the minibuses.  When we arrived at Exeter Arena the weather was not too bad but after just 40 minutes of us being there it started to rain really heavily. Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones, I had to do the 800m in torrential rain and after the race I was exhausted.  After the race I went back to the seating area and I had a break time snack.  Not long after I had to do the long jump with Mrs. Payton, in fact only 1 of the 4 jumps that I did actually counted because for the first three jumps I kept running onto the black bar and if you do that your jump will not count.  After I had finished doing the long jump I went back to the seating area to eat my lunch.  When I was eating my lunch the rain still continued but shortly after it stopped.  Then it was time for me to do the cricket ball throw all I can say is that I did not come first because Vaani threw the ball much further than I did.  Next it was time to do the relay race, at first Angus started with the baton then Angus passed it to Wilf and then Wilf passed it to me, as soon as I got the baton I sprinted as fast as I could and I actually won the race I felt very pleased with myself once I had won the race.  Finally the time had come to do the high jump, I was the one who had to go first but the first one was just a practice. After that it was time to do the actual jump, on the fist jump I easily managed to jump over the lowest part. Then it was me to go again I just managed to jump over it.

 On my final jump I was the unfortunate one I tried jump over but I knocked the bar off so I was eliminated. Charlie actually won it which is good because he is in Drake which is the same house that I am in.  After that it was time to add up the final scores in 3rd place was Raleigh in 2nd place was Scott and in 1st place was Drake!  

By Jacob Mackey

 On Wednesday we all went to Exeter Arena for sports day. As I was on the bus I was very excited, and nervous at the same time, because this was my first sports day at St Wilfrids. In the stands we were put into our house teams. I was in Drake. We sat down to watch the seniors do their races and field events as well. Soon, when it was time for my two hundred metre race, my heart began to beat faster and I became a little giddy. At the starting line Mr Backway said ‘When I say ‘ready’, get ready. When I say ‘set’, get in your position. When I blow the whistle, run’. When he blew the whistle I sprinted as fast as I could. Then I realised I had an irritating stitch but I kept running as fast as I could. At the end I took a reasonable place of third.

Fifteen minutes later in the stands I was called out for cricket ball throw. So I jogged to the right area. Jacob and me were on the Drake team. Vaani and Josh were on the Raleigh team and Edward and George were on the Scott team. First we all had a practice go. I achieved fourteen metres twenty centimetres and Jacob got seventeen metres. Next we had our real goes. On my first I scored seventeen metres, on my second I threw the ball slightly wrong and it hit the ground at six metres sixty centimetres. On my last go I scored nineteen metres. Vaani broke the school record of twenty seven metres twenty centimetres.

I was most confident about the long jump because in training with Mr Bovingdon I jumped three meters twenty four centimetres, and I won jumping  three metres six centimetres.

I was most excited about the relay because my brother was doing it as well. We started at a slow start but when Angus got the baton he managed to speed up. When Angus passed me the baton Josh and me were neck and neck. When I passed it to Jacob he was slightly ahead. The result was so close but we just won.

I had a really good day at sports day and it was really fun. Amazingly, Drake won sports day!

By Wilf Allison

 On Wednesday 22nd of June, the entire school went on a trip to Exeter Arena for our yearly Sports Day. We arrived at the Arena at about 9:15am, and the games started at 9:30am.

The first set of races were the 1500 meter races. In other words, that is three and a half times round the track. And to make matters worse, it started to rain. After the 1500 meters, it was time for the 800 meters, and that’s twice round the track. This was also my first race, and I was petrified!

As I approached the starters grid, my heart was pumping over time! As I set off, my fear of the race completely vanished. At about the half way point, my feet went numb because of the rain. By the time I got to the home straight, I couldn’t feel my legs at all. At the end of the race I’d finished third out of six people.

My second event was the Cricket Ball throw, the objective of the game to throw a cricket ball, (not a surprise). The person who threw the cricket ball the furthest would be the winner. I came first in this event, with a throw of 27.06 meters, thus breaking the school record by nearly half a meter.

My third event was the 400 meter race. By the time it was time for the race, the rain had stopped and the sun had come out. As the starters whistle went off I gave it my all and it paid off, with me coming first with a three second lead over Douglas Gaddam who came second.

My most memorable moment was the years 7/8 relay. I found out that I was in the race a couple seconds before the actual race, when I was dragged from my seat and told that I would have to compete after getting my foot trapped in the toilet door.

As I limped to the the starters line I really thought I was going to pass out. I was positioned at the final leg of the race. As the whistle went off for the first runners to go, I stopped worrying and concentrated on the race. I fixed my eyes on the baton. When it was passed to me I ran like hell!

When I passed the finish line, sense of immense relief fell down on me. I did it, we came first in the race!

I really felt as if I had given it my all, this was by far my best Sport’s Day.

By Vaani Shokar

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