Severe weather

To All Parents and Staff

Bad weather communication

In the eventuality of floods, snow or icy road conditions, it is essential to have a clearly defined procedure regarding possible school closure.

If there is a serious deterioration in the weather during a school day (i.e. when the pupils are already in school), it is possible that some, or even all, students will need to be sent home/collected early.

Parents will doubtless wish to prepare for such an eventuality by making arrangements to ensure that younger pupils in particular, would always have somewhere safe to go if parents were not at home. Perhaps neighbours or friends would be prepared to help? We should be grateful if parents could ensure that their children are quite clear about such emergency arrangements.

If severe weather conditions occur overnight or over a weekend, we expect to be able to make a decision by 7.15am on any particular day as to whether or not the school will open.

Please remember that conditions may vary significantly in different parts of the area.

In the event of a closure, we will endeavour to notify you in the following ways by 7.30am::

Get a message to Heart FM (FM 97.0 KHzl103.0 KHz – they will also post it on their website) and BBC Radio Devon (MW 990 KHz or FM 95.8 MHzl103.4MHz

Send an email to all registered parents via ParentMail

Post a message on our website

Parents are asked to check these sources and if unsure may contact the representatives in your child’s class.

Hawks – Mrs Mackey – 07791 777556

Kestrels – Mrs Antwi – 07807612680

Year 7 – Mrs Shokar – 07801 670911

Year 8 – Mrs Gaddum – 07738 929454

Year 9 – Mrs West – 01626890090

Year 10 – Mrs Dawson – 07903558874

Year 11 – Mrs Slatter – 07547 459266

Yours sincerely

Mrs A.E.M. Dent

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