Pizza Express 2011

On Wednesday 30th November the Kestrels class and the Year 7’s all went to Pizza Express for the day. We walked to the restaurant, and arrived there at about 9:45.

When we got there we were greeted by a very friendly lady. She informed us that she would be our guide for the day. Then we were all seated around this huge ‘make-shift’ table. The lady who greeted us at the door introduced herself, her name was Mary. Mary first gave us a quick history of the building housing the restaurant. The building was first a watch maker, in the 18th century. Then a couple of years later it was a wig maker. Then in the 19th century it was a tea shop. Then finally in 1996 the building was brought by Pizza Express.

Mary then gave us a more in – depth history on origins of some of the pizzas at the restaurant. My favourite origin was the Margarita. It all started when the king of Italy wanted to get his wife, Queen Margarita, a perfect present for her birthday. The King then called on his best Chef, and told him to make the perfect dish for his wife. The Chef thought long and hard about what he should make for the Queen. Then one day he a had an idea! The Chef would make a pizza with all the colours of the Italian flag (red white and green). He would use tomatoes for the red, mozzarella for the white and basil for the green. On the Queen’s birthday, the Chef handed his pizza to the Queen. The Queen loved it! She loved it so much that she named it after herself. Then from that day forward, the pizza was named the Margarita pizza.

After couple more interesting origins, Mary told us to wash our hands, put some aprons on, then we were given the privilege to make our own pizzas! We were first given some readymade dough, and then we were told to roll it out. After that, we placed our toppings on the pizzas. I, being inspired by the story about the Margarita pizza, I made a Margarita pizza. Afterwards the pizzas were put in the oven, and in 5 minutes, they were done.

Overall I really enjoyed my trip to Pizza Express, and hope I can go again (for the third time!) sometime soon.

Vaani Shokar


On 30th November Year 6 and 7 went to ‘Pizza Express’ and made our own FREE pizzas! Here is how one of the best days of school went…………    At 9:15 year 6 & 7 went across the iron bridge through town and into ‘Pizza Express’! At first (when we got there) we took off our blazers and coats and sat on a long table, and the main lady (Mary,) told us about the History of ‘Pizza Express’ (for instance, did you know that ‘Pizza Express’ was founded in 1965 by Peter Boizot.! First being a clock shop, then a hat shop, after a tea room-called ‘Tinleys’-and then ‘Pizza Express’!!! Also it has 400 restaurants across the United Kingdom and 40 overseas in China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and the Middle East!) Then we split into fours and went down the stairs to wash our hands. After that we sat back on the long table and tried some new foods! (Red bell pepper, goats cheese and rocket) then we put on our disposable hats (with numbers on and on the pizza boxes so that you would know which pizza was yours at the end, it would match your hat! Mine was 17) and we put on disposable aprons (bag material!) then Mary got 20 lumps of dough, covered them in flour and gave one to each person. Then we were told to press first 2 then 3 fingers and press around then outside to make a fried egg shape!  After that we had to go from the inwards out pressing out all the air bubbles. Then Mary came round to everyones dough and flipped it round in her hands to make a nice thin circle! After we put on toppings (mine was chicken, chopped up meatballs and mozzarella cheese). Then she put them in the oven and not so long later they were done! We took our pizzas and walked back to school! All in all in was a pretty good day! Thank you Mrs Payton!

Isobel Dawson


On the 30 of November Y7 and Y6 went to Pizza Express. It was great fun and I would love to go again. First of all a woman called Mary came and talked to us about Pizza Express’s history. She told us how the pizza was invented, the Queen ordered for some food that she had never eaten before so the chef went to think of something, they were in Italy and the Italian flag’s colours are red, white and green. Red for tomatoes, green for an herb called basal and white for mozzarella cheese, and that was how the pizza was invented.

 My favourite thing was making the pizza; when we made them we had to put on a disposable apron on and a paper hat. Mary showed us how to knead our dough, she was amazing at it! She could toss it up in the air and catch it, if I did that it would be watch out ceiling and floor, here my pizza comes!

I put ham, cheese and pepperoni on mine with a traditional tomato puree underneath. I really enjoyed eating it, one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had although it was very hard to cut!

Overall I really enjoyed the day and I would give it

5 stars out of 5.

Bella Pallett


On Wednesday 30th November, 2011, Kestrels and Year 7 went to Pizza Express with Mr and Mrs Payton.

We walked across the Iron Bridge and Past the south gate hotel and then to the Cathedral green which is basically where pizza express is.

When we arrived at Pizza Express we sat down and the manager called Mary spoke to us about the history of the building.  After this we tried different foods, like olives, baby bell peppers, goat’s cheese and anchovies.

Next we washed our hands and put on a disposable apron and a Pizza Express hat.  We were given a pizza base to roll out into a circle.  Mary then flipped the dough to make the base thinner and larger.  The dough was then put onto a black baking pan.  The chef put the tomato sauce on the pizza base for us; the sauce comes from a special farm in Italy.  After this we were allowed to add our own toppings.

Then we put the pizzas in the ovens; the pizzas only take from 3-5 minutes to cook because the ovens that they have cook at 370°C this is much hotter than a normal oven.

Our pizzas were then put in a cardboard box and we returned to school where we ate them for lunch.  Mine was delicious; I put on two tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.

I would like to visit Pizza Express again and have a meal with my family.

Jacob Mackey

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