BBC School Report News Day 2013

The BBC live link-up with school reporters around the UK took place on Thursday 21 March. This is the second year St Wilfrid’s have taken part, contributing news reports that link from our school website to the BBC School Report homepage at


Our intrepid reporters have been providing weekly ‘St Wilfrid’s School News’ bulletins for the last month, honing their skills at writing, editing and filming a news broadcast. In under an hour, the group of twelve students rapidly turn the English room into a news studio as they prepare and read their reports. Filming is rarely without disaster: Bijan can read a perfect script during the warm-up but inevitably cracks under the pressure as soon as the camera is turned on. Ollie J has been known to resort to a fit of the giggles as he reads the ‘vibrant’ language of his own report out loud. Even Sam can struggle to keep a straight face, particularly when Mattie starts gesturing wildly to add some impact to his news of the week.


However, practice has paid off, and this year’s News Day students managed to write and film two news stories, as well as a photo and shout-out from the team – all in the space of two hours. Along with a packed edition of ‘This Week’s News’, the group ran a report on ‘Being 13 in 2013’ based on interviews they had previously held with pupils in the school. This contained some interesting revelations: Eve is convinced that parents had nowhere near as much fun as teenagers today, George is facing up to the responsibilities being thirteen brings and Lawrence in Year 7 reeling from the impact Justin Bieber has made on his life.


Behind the camera, Lucy and Megan were responsible for counting in and filming the broadcasters, often struggling to keep a straight face themselves. And none of this would have been possible without the tireless work of Rebecca, Bella, Izzie, Tara and Tanisha – writing stories, conducting interviews, preparing the classroom and generally keeping everyone else in order. Over in the Biology Lab, Mr Housecroft efficiently took care of the technical aspects of loading film onto the website, ensuring we met our broadcast deadline of 4pm.


All in all, the day was a great success and we look forward to bigger and better things in 2014. Catch up with ‘St Wilfrid’s This Week’s News’ broadcasts on the school website and look out for forthcoming reports from a brand new bunch of reporters after Easter.


M. Shields

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