Lower School: Reception – Year 6

The Lower School is based on the same site and enjoys the same facilities as the Upper School. In addition, in years 3 to 6, art technology, sports and creative arts (drama and music) are taught by the specialist school staff thus ensuring a smooth and effective transition to the Upper School.

We currently have three classes: Pre-Prep, Hawks and Owls. Pre-Prep is a mixture of nursery and reception pupils. Hawks are a combination of Year 1 to Year 3 pupils (Key Stage 1) and follow a mixture of the National Curriculum and Montessori methods. Owls are a combination of Year 4 to Year 6 pupils (Key Stage 2).

St Wilfrid’s aims to provide a caring and stimulating environment whereby all pupils are encouraged to develop their full potential. We have a happy school, with a friendly atmosphere: our classes are small and our staff are well qualified and friendly. There is a strong sense of security and discipline, which ensures our children acquire skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

We place a high priority on pastoral care and all teachers take a professional interest in the development of the children in their care. Our favourable staff/pupil ratio ensures that all our pupils enjoy individual care and learn the value of showing concern for each other.

Lower School – Key Stage 2 – Owls


The Owls enjoyed their trip to see Gangsta Granny at Northcott Theatre. They will be following this theatre trip with Art and PSHE work.

Exeter City Wall Trail


The Owls went on an historical walk around Exeter this week. They followed the old Exeter City wall trail.

They learnt lots of fascinating facts about the history of Exeter, dating from Roman times.

The Owls are pictured outside the original St Wilfrid’s School building in Bartholomew Street.



The Owls have been learning to use Bunsen Burners safely in preparation for our visit to @Bristol.


Compost Curriculum



Owls are making progress with the Compost Curriculum during their outdoor learning lessons. The compost bin is almost complete! Resourcefully, the Owls have built it entirely out of recycled pallets and other recycled materials.

Please look out for vegetables and herbs that we have harvested too.



Owls have begun The Compost Curriculum, in Outdoor Learning. So far they have been learning about the importance of composting and the composting process.
Next step… Making a slatted composter from reused materials!


Martial Arts


Key Stage 1 – Hawks 


The importance of the sun activity – food chain.


Ordering and forming quantity 1 – 9000


Formation of teen quantities and symbols with recording.

In Search of Autumn


We went for an autumnal wildlife walk during our outdoor learning. We found lots of evidence of autumn and used some lovely adjectives to describe the things we found. We then used our findings to add to the mini beast mansion.

20151008_135734 (1)

The Great Fire of London


The hawks have been looking at Samuel Pepys’ diary. They had great fun trying to write their own diary entries using a quill just like SP!




What an amazing first session of our Devon wildlife club.



We started by creating a bug mansion. The children found lots of residents for the mansion we even managed to find a lovely toad which was very exciting.






The lower school did very well with their first cook of the year. They all made variations on cottage pie and had lots of complements from parents who enjoyed it for their dinner. So well done everybody.


The lower schools kitchen garden blossomed over the summer holidays. The hawks harvested and begun tidying up the plot ready for another term of growing. They collected runner beans, courgettes, rhubarb, tomatoes and made some fragrant herb bouquets.