Year 8 & 9 Art trip to RAMM 2012

On the 2nd February 2012 the year 8’s and 9’s went to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. Before we left, we All got a questionnaire on the exhibits, which we had to fill out as we went through the Museum. We all got split into 4 groups, and went with different teachers. Mrs Hoskins and Mr. Dogherty took their groups to the geology section. Soon after we swapped groups and we went with Mrs Morgan to look at the art gallery. Once we had been to these two parts we went off to explore and answer some of the questions on the sheet. I thought the exhibits were interesting and also I liked the way they were set out. It made it fascinating.

Hannah Hart

The reviews by Year 8 and Year 9 suggested that the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their visit to RAMM and found it an inspirational place. Mrs Morgan and Mr Wilson led small groups around the ‘Into the light’ exhibition to see the French and British paintings from Impressionism to the early 1920’s. Mr Doherty and Mrs Hoskins led their groups around the Geology and Roman galleries. The pupils then explored the museum and completed their worksheets about interesting features within the different rooms. The best answered questionnaires were by Lauren, Emily and Lucy who received small prizes. Well done! I would also like to commend all the pupils for their interest and excellent behaviour.

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