Year 7 visit to Rougemont Castle


On Friday the 30th of September, the Year 7 class went on a trip to Rougemont Castle as part of our History lesson. On the way to the Castle, Mrs Payton ( our History teacher ) showed us some of the landmarks that were still around from the Norman times, this included the Iron Bridge, which was one of the original bridges into Exeter back in that time. And the City Gates Hotel, is in the exact place where the the Northern Entrance to the City was.

When we arrived at the Castle Wall, I was amazed of the the sheer height of the walls, and how much of it was still intact. While we were still there, we talked about how hard it would be to scale the wall if it were to be attacked. Once we had a good discussion on how hard it would be to scale the wall, Mrs Payton took us inside the Castle Walls. Inside the walls, you could see that the Normans had chosen a very good spot to build their Castle. If the walls were penetrated, the attackers would have to make their way up a steep hill before they could enter the main Castle. Then Mrs Payton took us to one of the entrances up to the castle, and we had to draw a quick sketch of the entrance. Mrs Payton then took us to the back of the entrance, and gave each of us a Norman sword, shield and helmet, and Mr Payton took a few pictures of us.

While we were being pictured, a man came up to Mrs Payton, and gave us permission to actually go on the wall itself and walk along it. It was amazing! When you look you can see for miles around! But by the time we got off the wall it was time to go back to school.

To be honest, I loved every minute of the trip, and I really hope I can do it again in the near future.

Vaani Shokar

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