Year 7 & 8 Visit to Sandy Park – Home of Exeter Chiefs

On Thursday 18th October, Year 7 and 8 visited Sandy Park: The home of Exeter Chiefs!

The visit was made as part of St Wilfrid’s School’s PSME and Citizenship curriculum. The pupils have been studying the impact of sport and leisure facilities in Exeter, with particular reference to gaining planning permission for new stadiums.

The pupils were given a guided tour by Exeter Chiefs Community Rugby manager Marc Dibble. This included an in depth look behind the scenes of a Premiership rugby club. The pupils gained access to the changing rooms, ice bath, gym, running track and stadium.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, in which the pupils learnt a great deal about Exeter Chiefs!


Visit to Exeter Chiefs – The Thoughts of the Pupils!

On Thursday 18th October the Year 7’s and 8’s visited the EXETER CHIEFS. It was great fun; we walked next to the playing field. Then we walked past the doctors room, after that we dipped our hands in the ice bath for 30 seconds it was freezing and my hand was numb. But the players have to be in it for 7 minutes! After we had left the ice bath we entered the gym, we lifted a 20kg weight then we went on a rowing machine. Then we walked into the changing room, it looked snazzy. It was nearly time to go but we sat on the stands and had our photo taken. The visit was FANTASTIC!

 By Edward Marsh Year 7

At Exeter Chiefs there was ice bath which is for the players when they come out of training or matches becauseit helps your body heal better so if you get kicked really hard and you end up injured then you would be told to get in the ice bath. No one liked doing it because it’s so cold! The players had to get in the ice bath for 7 minutes and then take a really hot shower for 3 minutes, then they had to get back in again for 7 minutes again.

GPS systems which are for seeing what the players are doing when they were training ( to see if there training well enough or if there training too hard) they also had CCTV in the training grounds so when they were or weren’t training hard enough they could sit them down and tell them what they could do to improve.

They also had rowing machines which were used as a punishment if the players were messing around then they had to go and do 2 killometers.

There was a workout called clean and hang which is where you pick up a bar. It was painful!

By Eve Goddard Year 7

On 18th October 2012 I went to Sandy Park Exeter chiefs rugby ground. We had a tour around the rugby stadium, first we went and saw the room where people get interviewed after a rugby match. Then we went to the first aid room where if players have hurt themselves in the match they go in there. The rugby players have to have loads of tests to see if they have they have taken  illegal drugs and if they have they can be fined a lot of money and wont be able to play any more. Then we went to the ice bath we had to put are hand in for 30 seconds and it was so cold my hand was numb. I don’t know how the rugby players get their whole body in they have to do it for 7 minutes then they had do 3 minutes in the shower then back in the ice bath again. Then we went into the changing rooms we were told that after a match the players eat and drink Yazoo milkshake and eat cookies and pizza. Then we went to the gym we each had a go at lifting the weights.

By Kate Goddard Year 7


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