Year 7 & 8 visit to @Bristol

On Thursday 15th November 2012 all the pupils in Years 7 and 8 visited @Bristol the Science museum in Bristol. The main focus of the visit was to experience the hands-on activities and exhibitions, as well as attending a science theatre show investigating forces and explosions and then visiting the Planetarium to explore the Solar System.

The dynamic and energetic Science show ‘Launch it!’ investigated forces and explosions. The pupils were actively involved in decisions over weight, mass, speed and friction as they explored the forces at work when launching a rocket.

In the unique and immersive setting of @Bristol’s Planetarium, students observed the motions of the Sun, Moon and stars across the sky and looked at how this relates to Earth’s place within our Solar System. They were also challenged to make similar observations from the surfaces of other planets and to think about how this relates to the nature of the Solar system.


We went by mini bus and it took an hour and a half. It was definitely worth it! We were allowed to wander around the museum for a while and twice we had interactive talks. The first talk was called the planetarium and it was about space and what the stars look like from different places (cities, countryside and the moon). It was really interesting. The second talk was about forces called the “Launch it show!” It was really fun because there were a lot of explosions.  My favourite explosion was the one with vitamin C tablets in little bottles with the lids on them and the gas let off couldn’t fit in the bottle so exploded. It was a really good day and I would love to go again!

Bella Pallett


It was great. We were split into groups I was grouped with George and Joel. There was a rocket machine and a parachute. It hits the roof and falls down to the ground. There were lots of water machines. The presenter told us about space and planets, it was cool!

The Trip was great!

Edward Marsh


Upon arriving at the museum we were told to split into groups, and have fun, until we had to go to the planetarium. There was loads of stuff to do, over 300 to be exact! These included, many hands-on exhibits like the one where we had to put our fingers under a special light, allowing us to see our veins! Afterwards we went to the “Studio” and watched the “Launch it show!”  and it was amazing!

I really hope we can go again in the near future

Vaani Shokar


We had a great time. We went upstairs and downstairs. Our favourite places were the magnetic sand, the animation and the big bubble. We also went in the planetarium and a man called John showed us a lot about the sun and space.

Tara Griffith-Riquelme


It took 2 hours to get there but was so worth it. When we got there, there was a water path and a regular path then there was an computer that showed where the planets, the earth’s core, the moon and the sun were. We were allowed 2 hours to walk around in our groups. We could put ourself in a bubble and that was really cool, then for 25 mins we were in the planetarium. It was fun. Then we had lunch and went to the science studio. That was really fun, especially when they put water and vitamin c together which exploded. I really enjoyed my time at the science museum.

Ross Walsh


When we arrived we were greeted by an assistant and he told us the rules. Then we went off in groups of 5. There were 300 different things to interact with. I was great fun. Just before lunch we went to the planetarium to watch a “3D” video with guided us through the solar system. I learned that that there is a new planet in our solar system call “planet X”. My favourite thing there was the scanner that allowed us to see our veins. It was an EPIC trip!!!

Lawrence Gaddum


The trip to Bristol was really fun, even if though we had the long drive there. When we got there, there was lots of stuff to do and we had a long look around in groups. We went in the planetarium, it was lots of fun. In the planetarium we learnt about the Universe and saw stars, it was brilliant. After that we had some time to look around again. Then we went to the studio and saw lots of forces and how they work.

Lawrence Martinez


We went to Bristol’s science museum. It had over 350 things to do. They had things like heart rate monitors and treadmills which powered a water machine, it looked like a big hamster wheel. There was also a planetarium which showed you lots of stars and the solar system and the sun at it’s different points in the day. The best bit was the bubble maker it made huge bubble which stretched a long way if you were fast enough.  There was also a studio where they showed you about gasses and how they work to produce forces and power.

Eve Goddard


When we got there we played on the games then we went to the planetarium and we learnt about space and stars and the moon. After the planetarium we went to the studio and we learnt about forces and it had a lot of bangs. It was brilliant. I loved it and I can’t forget the big hamster wheel. It felt a bit weird but it was brilliant. I loved it and I would like to go back there again.

George West


First we went to the ‘Picnic room’ where we dropped off our bags and then we chose groups of the minimum of 3 and went around the whole of the upstairs and downstairs rooms. On the first floor there were lots of different experiments such as a hamster wheel which you could run on, water works, human parts experiments and more…… on the top floor was a bubble area where you could make yourself go inside a bubble, make a bubble sheet, then there was also magnetic black sand, make your own animations, and a quiz! At about 12:15 we met up with the others and went to a planetarium to watch a video explaining all about space!  Then we went down to have lunch and went to the shop. The very last thing we did after lunch was go into the studio and we learned about different gases (which could set on fire, which was best for going into space) and forces that were pulling us onto the ground but also what was keeping us up from sucking into the ground.                                                                                                                                                          Overall it was a very fun day and we hope to go again!

Isobel Dawson


This was a very hands on museum and we able to do many different things, such as creating an animated video and then adding sound to it.   We spent all day there and I really enjoyed it.  There was also a leaning room where a ball rolled up hill.  We then went into the Planetarium where we explored space!  We then watched a Science show where we discovered different types of forces and what effect they had on us. I really enjoyed it and would love to go again.

Jacob Mackey


There were about 300 activities to do. We went to a planetarium show telling us about the planets which was really good. Then we went to a show that told us about rocket fuel. That was brilliant.

Joseph Schunck


Once we got there we were greeted by a kind chap. He told us what we were going to do and that  we would have a lot of free time. After that we went into the main picnic area. We were told to put our bags down in some big crates. Once we sat down we were told to put on wrist bands so we could do most activities. After that Mr Housecraft told us how much time we had and said we had to get into groups. I was in a group with Ross and Lawrence. We looked around most of the museum but didn’t get to see all of it because there was so much of it. At the end of the day we all went to the planetarium and a forces show. After that we had to go. I loved the museum; I hope I can go again.

Kale Shokar


When we got their we were given a wrist band with a barcode. Then once we got into our groups we went around and had look and there was loads of things to press and see and it helped me to understand how science works a bit better. The first thing my group came to was the wheel where you walk on it and it feels like you’re going up but your autally not. My favourite thing was the leaning room. It felt really weird. Overall I enjoyed the trip and hope to go again.

Kate Goddard

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