Year 11 Bowling Trip

All the year 11’s who helped out at the Christmas  Fayre were awarded a trip to go bowling.  This was for working well as a  team and for making our stalls with hard work and good teamwork skills. We went  to Tenpin bowling at Haven Banks. It was the week after we finished our GCSE  mocks so it was also a fun and enjoyable way to end and relax after lots of hard  work and revision.Mrs Mackey, the teacher who helped to organise the  Fayre and Mr. Chick, the year 11 form teacher accompanied us.  Mr Chick  helped us with planning our stalls and room designs before the event. All of the  year 11’s came along except the two who weren’t able to help out on the  day,  on Thursday afternoon during clubs time.  We had lots of fun  when we were there. We were in groups of 3 and overall the three pupils with the  highest scores were Grace, Nyal and Matthew. It was really fun and we appreciate  the support and help from the Friends of St Wilfrid’s for sponsoring this  event.
Harriet Hurford


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