Year 10 Geography Field Trip to Bristol


On Monday, 8th May, the Year 10 geographers went to Bristol as part of their work for the Paper 3.  Although coursework is no longer a requirement of GCSE Geography, Paper 3 allows the students to explain their fieldwork, encouraging them to decide their own enquiry methods and evaluate the success of their investigation.

Students looked at the regeneration of Bristol city centre, trying to decide whether the ‘hole in the middle’ of Bristol, caused by the building of Cribb’s Causeway, had been successfully replaced by a vibrant city centre.  Students enjoyed the independence of this type of enquiry.
Another highlight of the day was our visit to the Easton Christian Family Centre where one student’s aunt works.  We saw the many activities offered by this lively centre in one of the most deprived parts of Bristol, particularly their care for asylum seekers.  We would like to thank the staff of the centre for taking the time out of their very busy day to discuss the challenges they face.
The consensus of the class was it was ‘a fun day’, better to ‘witness what we have studied in school’ , ‘first-hand experience is more memorable’ agreed that ‘rather than just talking about a place, it is good to actually see it’.
You can see the results pf all their fieldwork to Dawlish Warren, the River Exe and Bristol on the wall of the geography room.
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