Widemouth Bay 2008

Reflections on Activity Week at Widemouth Bay

I enjoyed surfing loads, It was my first time ever surfing so I had no idea what to expect. the waves for bodyboarding were huge and halfway through the session a storm came and the waves were harder and bigger – fantastic.

When we whent canoeing my friends and I, Chloe and Clare were so good at canoeing we could even stand up and canoe down the river. Archery was well cool, sadly, I missed a few shots but I made up for the mistakes by hitting the bullseye twice.

Coastal traversing was one of the best events going through holes, climbing and crawling. It involved in getting messy which was great. Abseiling down the cliff was the best part because I am really scared of going really high!! I went down though.

The food was delicious, but the rooms were on the small side. Overall the whole holiday was awesome because you can never get bored and you had some social time. I would really love to go again but next time I’d love to go with my mum, dad, brother and sister.


I enjoyed the surfing and bodyboarding the most. In surfing I loved catching the big waves gushing over me! At the begining I was just sitting on the board and that was great fun and at the end I was kneeling and that was even more fun! Even the small waves sent you quickly on to the shore. In bodyboarding there were giant waves that came upon you really quickly and for a few seconds you would go under water pop back up and bodyboard with the waves pushing you to shore.

It was also a great way to learn how to be responsible! It was definitely well worth the money, the food was delicious especially the barbeque it also gave you lots of energy during the day. There was plenty space to run around in and lovely view of the beech and cliffs. The accomodation was very good. beds very comfortable and the showers brilliant. Overall it was a fabulous stay with plenty of fun and activities.


When we whent absailing we had to walk of the cliff backwards, attached to a harness and two ropes! One of the ropes was to hold you and you controlled the other for your speed. We wore helmets so any rocks that came down would’nt hit your head and smack into the cliff! The cliff was really high and just getting off the top edge was hard and really scary. We had two turns at doing this and while we waited at the bottom of the cliffs we were able to go to the rock pools.

Surfing was really fun because the waves were big and really strong, I tumbled over a few times but it was great. We were only allowed to go up to our waist and some waves were quite close together and when they reached us they were really BIG!!!


One part of the week that I enjoyed was coastal discovery, it may not sound fun but it is. The best part was looking in the rock pools and crab fishing with a piece bacon on a crab line. Then we were given a question sheet with a load of hint questions which said, “guess who I am” so you had to find out what it was by reading the question, such as, “I stick onto rocks and it is hard to take me of, answer, a Lympit.” I thought the coastal discovery was great.


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