Twickenham RFC 2009

On the 14th November 2009, a group of us P.E GCSE students went up to Twickenham, in London, to watch England play Argentina in Rugby. Despite the four hour journey, and the rain, and the cold , we all remained in high spirits, as we walked through the bustling sidewalks, into the huge stadium. We found our seats, and watched the other 78,000 fans find their own seats. I don’t think I’d see such a huge amount of people all in one place, for the same reason.

The game started, and straight away England scored via drop-kick. Everyone was on their feet by this point celebrating, and throwing all the paper aeroplanes people had earlier made out of purple cards on their seats. The atmosphere was not at any point competitive between the two sides, and everyone seemed to be laughing and joke together, despite the fact that they’d never met before. The first half of the game flew past, and nobody could believe it when we found out it had been forty minutes already. Everyone flocked out of their seats , in the hope of getting to the front of food queue, before everyone else had got there. We shoved through people, and went off exploring. The stadium was so huge, it took us about half and hour to get back to our seats again, and by the time we had, the game had already started again.

Jonny Wilkinson scored several times and you can imagine, there was a wave of excitement that passed through the fans, especially from teenage girls! I can’t tell you how disappointed we all were when the final whistle blew at the end of the game. The final score was 16-9 to England and we were all very happy, not to mention wet from the rain. After waiting for about half an hour to get out of the stadium, we all trooped back to the minibus, and got ready to fall asleep on each other on the way home, after possibly the best school trip we’ve been on yet!


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