Tutankhamun Exhibition 2008

On Tuesday the 18th of March our school organised a trip to the O2 arena, in London, to see the Tutankhamun exhibition. At 7:15am the students gathered in the playground – most of us still asleep, and waited for the coach to arrive. We all hated the four and a half hour journey to London – true, most of us slept, or least tried to. The highlight of the journey was stopping at the service station and finding a Burger King!

At 1:45 we arrived at the Greenwich Observatory, after passing Windsor Castle and Heathrow car park, both pointed out to us via a micorphone, indeed, it was like a tour bus. At the Observatory we got a chance to enter various rooms and find picturesque places ….. so that we could later put them on my space bebo. Many of us had a photo taken standing with one foot on either side of the Prime Meridean Line. We then boarded the coach to begin the trip to the O2 arena.

When we arrived at the arena we had a chance to explore what had previously been the Millenium Dome. Needless to say we all rushed to the O2 mobile shop for ten minutes or so. At last we entered the exhibition area – and then waited for a while until we could get our audio sets which led us through the exhibition and filled our heads with knowledge. Amongst the many treasures we were lucky to see was a large gold sarcophagus and many death masks. The audio sets also gave us information on Egyptian mythology and religon. Many of the younger students enjoyed listening to the process of mummification in great detail. We also got information on Howard Carter and his work but it was unfortunate that we didn’t receive the story of his abnormal death. After completing the exhibition we went for a wander around the dome and many of the year 10 and 11 arrived at Starbucks and ordered overpriced coffee.

At 4:30 we boarded the coach for the five hour return trip. People weren’t all that tired – at least not in the back row. The journey was filled with music and luminious glasses which leaked fluid onto peoples’ faces. The coach arrived at school at 9:30 and from there we made our way – and slept very well.

A Great Day.


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