Ten Tors 2008

My favourite part of TenTors, this year, was being cheered to the finish line by all the crowds, especially with the school support there. I also loved walking over the hill to see all the crowds and getting my medal, although it would’ve been nice to get a ceretificate as well, I know Georgia and Lucy tried their best. I also loved the team atmosphere on the Friday, Saturday morning and coming in on Sunday.

The worst parts of the walk were when we were halfway in between the tors and I was crying because my feet were in lots of agony. Despite my very low points I never actually thought of quitting and I just thought about getting to the finish as quickly as possible.

I think from doing Ten Tors I have learnt some new skills. I also didn’t find the event that physically tough but mentally draining. I also now want to do the Ten Tors 45 and 55 miles.


On the Friday morning we were driven from school to the Okehampton army camp in the minibus. We went through scrutineering and watched a 10tors briefing video which told us about the dangers and accidents that can happen and what to do. The rest of the day was spent planning the route, getting our kit ready for the next day,relaxing and then going to bed on camp beds in the marquee.

I was awoken the next morning at 5 O’clock by ” Chariots of Fire” playing at full volume on the camp speakers and Harry nudging me and telling me to get up. Pulling myself out of bed, I wrapped up my sleeping bag and had breakfast. Then it was time to prepare and move off to the start line. Our group was L, so we lined up behind the L sign. After about 10 minutes the starting guns were fired and we and 399 teams were on our way.

The first checkpoint was Kitty Tor, it was the steepest to climb up! When we got to the tor we were doing well with half an hour to spare. We were still ahead of time on the third tor but by the fourth some people were struggling and we slipped behind time. Lucy dropped out at the fifth tor and Georgia at the sixth.

Our orginal plan was to get to the the eigth tor on the first day and camp there, but, as we ran out of time, we had to camp at the seventh so weren’t out in the dark. We set up the tents for Lizzie, John, Harry and myself and cooked some boil in the bag meals for supper. Then we put out the sleeping bags and went to sleep almost straight away.

At 4 the next day we woke and started preparing our bags and breakfast and checked out at 7:10 for the eigth tor. This we reached in time and had a quick snack and moved on to the ninth tor which was difficult to find. After a break we followed a bearing to the last tor but, unfortunately, the bearing took us into a large bog area and we had to find a way around sending us off course and taking up lots of time. Eventually, we managed to get round the bog and went on to Oke Tor.

After checking in we followed the the road back to camp. When we got to the camp there were huge crowds waiting to see the teams in and take photographs. After getting through the finish line we were presented with our medals and went home for some rest.


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