Ten Tors 2006

This year I did 10tors challenge and it was an amazing experience for my whole team. I was the navigator so I had an extra burden on my shoulders because if I got my team lost I would be in trouble with my fellow team mates and my walking instructor.

Even though I was feeling incompetent with map reading it went surprisingly well and we were the first team in on every tor up to the sixth, after that we had some difficulties because of the boggy conditions. Because of all our training we coped well and still got in second to tor 7 and from there it was an 8k slog to tor 8 and overnight camp.

The next day everything was perfect and we ended up being the first Exeter team finished.

In conclusion I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Dent and Mrs de-Bruyn for all the training and the skills I have learnt from them.


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