Surfing in North Devon 2008

Surfing is the best school club I have ever done! Mr Bannochie takes us in the min-bus to Croyde Bay and we all love it, even though it takes 1 hour and a half to get there it is well worth it. The surf school we go to provide the surfboards, wetsuits, boots and the gloves for you.

You are given a safety talk on the beach with your surf board so you know how to start off surfing and for safety reasons. Some of us have long boards and some short and we learn different techniques to get on our board knee slide and straight push-up…..After two hours it is time to go, sadly we climb back into the bus for our trip home.

All my friends from class go and we all have a good laugh, even if we do crash into each other. It is one of the best experiences I have ever done.


We have surf club on Tuesdays. Ten of us go to Croyde Bay in North Devon with Mr Bannochie. We are taught two different ways of learning to surf by a local surf school. There is the knee slide which is where you go from the lying position on your surfboard and then slide to your knees before you go straight to a standing position. Then there is the straight pop-up, you go from a lying position straight to standing.

We usaually are allowed to go to about waist deep deepending on the size of the waves you also needed a lot of strength to lift up your own weight on to the board. We usually started with learning about the conditions of the water and a reminder of the techniques from the last lesson. Our surf teachers reminded us of the emergency signals and the head cover position, this is in case you fall of the board.

I really enjoyed surfing and can’t wait to do it again.













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