Salter’s Festival of Chemistry 2011

Today Jordan, Emily, Rebecca and I went to the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry in Plymouth. We caught the 8:13 train and headed down. When we got there we took a 5 minute walk to get to the building. After we got seated in the lecture room and settled down they welcomed us and told us what we were going to do this morning.  They told us that a murder had been committed and we had to analyse the evidence from the crime scene. The people told us where to go and we made our way to the labs. In the labs they had given us a sheet telling us what to do and there were also some chemicals, Bunsen burner, nichrome wire, water and a test tube rack with test tubes in. We split into two groups, group A and group B, then we set to work. Group B had to flame test each chemical and write down which colour it gave out.

Group A had to test the different pieces of evidence and see if they react with different chemicals. When we did that we went back to the lecture room and had our lunch.

When we finished lunch we went back to the lab and they told us what our next challenge was. We had to make a crystal go to a temperature of 10.5 °C. We got ours down to 4 °C. We then had to show all the people in the lab our experiment. When everyone was back in the lecture room the university professor who was in charge showed us some really cool things like blowing cotton wool up and torturing a jelly baby! While he was showing us the judges were counting all the scores up and when they came back they told us all the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places for the morning and afternoon competitions.  The people who came 1st, 2nd, or 3rd got prizes. After that we left to catch the train back home.  

That was a really fun day!

Sam Milverton                 

Today Rebecca, Sam, Jordan and I went to Plymouth University for the day to participate in a chemistry festival, called Salter’s. Many schools took part and I expect all thoroughly enjoyed every minute. In the morning was the Salter’s Challenge  where there had been a murder and we were given some chemicals from the crime scene and possible suspects  and we had to find out who killed Mrs Flossy Chops! After lunch we went back to the lab and completed the University Challenge where the Star Trek enter-prize was over heating and we had to mix water and two other chemicals together.  We had to get the temperature to 10.5 °C. One or two schools got it right but we got it cooler in fact we got it to 4.5°C. We had a lot of fun but we didn’t win, but that’s ok.

Emily Piper


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