Salter’s Chemistry Festival 2008

On April 29 a team of 4 year 8 students – Ashley, Sophia, Jacob and myself went with Mr England to Plymouth University to take part in the annual Salter’s Chemistry Festival.

The day was split into two sections; the morning session was the Salter chemistry experiment, which was a “WHO DONE IT” – by using flame test we analyised the powders.

Then we had lunch.

In the afternoon we had to do the university challenge, which was an experiment to find the reactivies of metals.

While they added up the marks and chose the winner, the person that ran the day carried out a couple of fun experiments for us. All of them had something to do with illuminating things, one went a bit out of control and sprayed hot frothy glowing liquid all over the front desk.

They then announced the winners WE HAD WON!!!! Blundels second and Exeter School third. WOW

We all went home with big smiles on our faces.


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