Rod and Ben’s Soups

Rod Hall from Rod and Ben’s Soups kindly gave Mrs Mackey some cartons of their delicious organic soup for pupils at St. Wilfrid’s to taste as part of a sensory analysis exercise. The soup recipes are developed and made at Bickham Farm, Kenn. Mrs Mackey is a member of the soup club that meets several times a year to help choose and refine the final recipes that are used for sale to the public. Mrs Mackey said, “the soup tasting at school was a very interesting exercise because those pupils who thought they didn’t like soups ended up loving them! As the soups are made from organic vegetables and are low in fat and salt they are a great way to help achieve our target of 5 a day fruits and vegetables.” Mrs Mackey hopes the year 9 pupils will have the opportunity to make some of their own soups after they have taken their level 2 food safety certificate in the summer term.

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