Poetry Week 2010

As part of Poetry Week pupils were asked to produce their own poems.

In Chemistry Mr England asked Years 7 & 8 to produce poems linked to their lessons:

CHEMISTRY by Mattie Heathcote (year 7)

I walk into the lab,

The smell of chemicals floods the air

Like water puring through a dam to escape from its clutches.

Flames from a Bunsen burner

Dance in the air

Light footed, bright and freely

As if all of its worries had blown

Out of sight and vanished away

As if it had never been.

Liquids mix together to find a new

And better form,

Like magic their colours change

Its new adventure will take its form.

Gas pours from a tap into

Its jail unable to escape to

The starting mission

That waits outside.

CHEMISTRY POEM by Laura Wells (Year 8)

Here’s the rules, so listen good,

To get it right you really should,

Wear your goggles and be wary,

Some experiments get quite scary.

Mix some water with some salt,

It’s a soluble, that’s no fault.

If it’s corrosive do not spill,

Or your lab. coat will get a thrill.

Take your time and do not rush,

And you should never, ever push.

Roaring, high, medium flame,

Wear a lab coat it’s no game.

Gas to solid, or solid to gas,

It’s called subliming that’s a fact.

Chemicals are near, so don’t drink water,

There’s a thing you never oughta!

If flames break out that are not manageable,

Then we call this highly flammable.

These are the things it’s good to mention,

Or you’ll end up in detention!

Form 10 CH were challenged to use every letter of the alphabet:

ABC Poem by Aaron Howard

Every single lazy fish

Will end up in a yummy dish

The fishermen amuse themselves by playing a xylophone

They quarrel over the phone to ring their home phone

Jack is the owner of the boat so conducts the vote

About who deserves the warm coat

Akhmenrah started the world by Joe Knight

Akhmenrah started the world

Bananas love being hurled

Cats like eating post

Dogs love eating toast

Elephants jump on trampolines

Frogs favourite dish is baked beans

Giraffes eat radioactive cabbage

Hippos hate a savage cabbage

Iguanas live in mouldy bins

Jake loves to eat sharp pins

Kangaroos like bouncing up and down

Llamas always have a grumpy frown

Monkeys faces are not very nice

Nanny Macfee likes sugar and spice

Octopusses have suckery tentacles

Peter parrot’s friend is Johnny the sentinel

Quackidoo goes the duck on toast

Rooney’s no good at football, so delivers the post

Sunny days are always nice

Timmy turtle likes a slice

Underpass is a terrible map

Videos are old they set up traps

Windows smell of grumpy crumpets

X-rays can see rusty trumpets

Yankies smell of New York

Zebras favourite meat is pork!


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