Plymouth Aquarium 2008

The Big Draw

On Monday 13th October we went to the Plymouth Aquarium to take part in ‘The Big Draw’. We had a tour of the Aquarium and stopped at different tanks to draw some of the creatures. Some were plain and some were multi coloured and had bits sticking out in lots of different ways.

After lunch we did some Aboriginal type animals, which was dot pictures. Every dot meant something – a line of dots on your forehead meant life and a circle a meeting point. We got to do face painting on each other.

It was great fun


Plymouth Aquarium was a great trip and was really enjoyable. The tank I liked the most was the tropical sea fish with the turtle. My favorite animal was the seahorse and the sharks

The Aboriginal art was fun I did a turtle and I also had a face paint done by Freya and I did Freya but they were Aboriganal style face paint so it looked very dotty.


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