Felt workshop 2010

Mrs Beechener kindly agreed to do a felt workshop this year with Mrs Morgan  and her textile group in year 7. First of all the class was shown many colourful examples of felt work and the process of felt making was explained to them. In the first lesson the pupils made felt balls and long braids. Next it was time to decide on a theme for a landscape picture that would be the class collaborative piece. Drawings were made and plans discussed until it was decided ‘Devon landscape’ would be the theme. A rough sketch was drawn and the picture was divided up into grids. Each pupil made their own felt panel to fit the grid. The panels were  exciting and include tractors, sheep ,horses and trees.The pupils  used brusho to paint the backing panel, mixing and blending the colours to fit the landscape. Mrs Beechener then used her ‘embellishing’ machine to fix on the felt panels. The felt balls and braids were added to the sides of the panel for further decoration. The class were thrilled with their final ‘Devon landscape’ textile and thanked Mrs Beechener for her time and help.

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