Exmoor Challenge 2008

The Exmoor Challenge is one day of walking. Before you do the walk you do some training. On the day of the challenge you have to walk 16 miles. You are put into a team of four and you are given a number e.g. 31 and one team member who is the captain of your team wears it . We were also given a quiz sheet to fill in as you go around, if you fill in the sheet you get a bonus of 16 points.

Before you set off you get a kit check and you take everything out of your bag and they check that you have everything for the walk e.g. enough food and water. Once everything is done they count down how many seconds you have till you can start the walk. (Don’t worry you are given a map)

There are check points, which you stop at on your way round. Yo must make sure that you are dead on time because if you are late or early they take away points.

It is an amazing experience and once you have finished the walk and cross the finishing line it is a great feeling.

My team mate said, “everybody is cheering and I felt really excited when I was a few steps away from finishing the challenge, it was the best experience of my life, I loved it”

Another view of the event.

I was dragged into school by my parents at 9.0am on a sunday morning ….. I supose it was all worth it but still it was really painful. Every inch of your body ached and shoulders were sore from the straps of your bag, and that was only the training walks…. who knew how we would cope with the real thing.

It is the day, everyone is very nervous. The whole track was 16 miles!!!! We were all waiting at the start area, then suddenly we heard ” St Wilfrid’s School please will you walk to your first checkpoint.” We all knew what this meant, we had started….

…..6 hours later filthy, soaking year 7’s had made it past the finish line. Our whole body ached, legs aching we were so tired we could drop, but we had done it!

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