Escot 2011

I feel the breeze in my face

Brushing through the rustling trees

Whistling through the empty sky.

Dead leaves are scattered

Like a bag of spilt crisps.

Birds are singing

To call up the night.

Nobody’s talking

The woods still sleeping

As the lights turn out.

By Mattie Heathcote

A poem from Escot  

Escot Camping Trip By Ollie J 

Hearing foxes in the night,

Catch a glimpse of morning light,

Fire burning, smoke up high,

Misty moon and navy sky,

Ryan makes a stupid noise,

As I try to sleep, like the rest of the boys.

Technology cannot tempt us here,

No screens or music in my ear.

I didn’t get a wink of sleep,

Huddled in the corner, not making a peep.

So hungry I could eat a horse,

Pasta with tomato sauce.

In the morning we eat bacon and eggs,

To strengthen up my sleepy legs.


On the journey it was hot

And I felt like I was shot

When I got there I saw my friend

We went round a bend to put our bags

We walked a mile or two

Just to get a drink or two

We built a den

With a hole in the roof

Thank heavens it didn’t rain

We didn’t get a wink of sleep

The next day I trip and fell in a heap

By Declan Arnold

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