Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze

Chloe Walker was the first of the current Year 11 to complete her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.


For Duke of Edinburgh (DofE), you have to complete a skill, voluntary work and a physical activity, plus an expedition which is run by the school. 2 of these activities you have to carry on for 3 months, and the other one you have to do for 6 months. You have to fill out a booklet which proves you have completed all the sets of DofE.

For my DofE, I did swimming as my skill, a map reading course as my physical, and volunteering work for Exeter Community Transport Association. I carried on my swimming for 6 months and the other 2 for 3 months.

Mr Dogherty organised the expedition which consisted of 8 hours of activity per day, and we had 2 days on our expedition, we camped on a camping site close to where we were walking. The activity included map reading and walking at a regular pace, and also planning our route and working out checkpoints.

When you complete your Duke of Edinburgh, you scan in your booklet onto the E-DofE website which then makes your DofE award official, you then get a certificate sent to you which then proves you have completed Duke Of Edinburgh. DofE is an easy way of getting a better job as it would go on your CV. It is easy as long as your willing to participate and carry on the activities.

Chloe Walker


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