Comic Relief 2009

On Friday the 13th of March the prefects organised a fund raising day for the Red Nose campaign. We wanted the whole school to be involved and enjoy the activities. This years theme was ‘ Do something funny for money’ so we decided to stage a fancy dress competition. The theme we adopted was ‘Heroes and Villians.’ Many people made a huge effort and we had a wonderful variety of costumes! Mrs Dent, Mrs Bracey and Mr England were especially creative in their choice of costumes as the photos show. The judging was difficult as so many of the costumes were fanatastic. Well done to all the junior participants and the winners know who they are! We raised a lot of money throughout the day which will benefit the Comic Relief Appeal.

A cake sale was held on both Thursday and Friday with great success. Lots of yummy cakes were donated thank you to the Mums and Dads. A student – teacher football match was also staged; the teachers claimed 4 – 1 victory. We are yet to have a confirmed total but we expect we beat previous year’s takings.

Thanks to everyone who supported us and brought money to spend, we appreciate it.

Katie and Tasha.

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