Atlantic College Day 5

Following a final visit to the castle for breakfast,

it was time to say a sad farewell to some of the instructors that had made it such an enjoyable trip.

Below are some of the comments from the pupils who went on the trip:

 This trip was so much fun and I really enjoyed it! There were lots of fun and exciting activities to do such as canoeing, climbing and a ropes course which involved being tied together in a line and going through a muddy and wet obstacle course. The food was quite nice and there were lots of options to try. The place we stayed was nice and homely and had a social roomso we could all sit and talk to each other. I really enjoyed this trip and would love to go again. P.S. Thanks for a great time.   Tara

My favourite bit about Atlantic College has to be the mini Olympics. We played crab football, which is basically everyone go on their hands and legs and kick a huge beachball. Another one of my favourites was the ropes course. We got so muddy and were soaked through, but I have never laughed so much in my life! I would like to thank all the instructors for being great and so awesome. What a holiday!   Sam

Being on this camp was very fun. All of the activities were great fun, the food was great and the beds were comfy. Overall it was great.    Joe S.

This week has been really fun. All the activities were fun and exciting, all the staff are really friendly and I would love to come again. Also I really enjoyed the mini Olympics – the games and people were a laugh. Everyone is so fun to be around. Thank you for a great time! Enjoyed it! P.S. The food was good.   Lana

I have really enjoyed my time at Atlantic College. All the activities were very fun. The house we stayed at was cosy and had a nice lounge for us to chill out in. All the instructors were funny and made the activities really fun for us all. Overall I had a really great time.   Bijan

I think the week was really good. I would probably pick out sand sledging as being the best activity.   Lawrence

This trip was amazing! I had so much fun and it was a great experience. I enjoyed all the activities we did. The staff were also all very nice and enthusiastic. I would love to do this again with all my friends. I will miss this place and all the people too.   Tilly

I’ve really enjoyed staying at Atlantic College. I especially liked the instructors. They have been really friendly and a joy to be with. My favourite activityhas to be the mini Olympics. I have had the most amazing time here and I really hope that we can go again.   Vaani

What I enjoyed at Atlantic College was the ropes course because during the course you had to be a team as you were tied together. If you made a mistake you either got shot with water or someone was made to wear a blindfold to make things harder. Overall I found everything very fun and I hope to do it again next year.        Ollie H.

The trip to Atlantic College was so much fun. We did so many activities that we all enjoyed so much! We are really sad to be leaving and would love to come back again one day. I’ve never been on a trip like this before and it was a great experience that I will never forget!   Brianna

I’ve really enjoyed it this week and want to stay for longer. The food has been brilliant and the activities amazing fun. I’m really glad I came and want to come again.   Mattie

The college was full of things to do. I enjoyed doing archery, canoeing, rock climbing and lots more.   Joe Z.

My favourite activity on my trip to Atlantic College would have to be the ropes course. Even though I got completely covered in mud and dirt, it was so much fun! I enjoyed all the other activities too though and I would love to come back here again.   Hannah

This has been the best school residential ever. The people from school are like one big happy family and my favourite part was mountain boarding, which I was good at, and also the canoeing was fun. I hope that we can do it again next year – it was Legend.   Ollie G.

The best thing I enjoyed was initiative games because it made us work together. The best game was disappearing island. The whole College trip was the best time ever.   Riou

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