Art GCSE display 2011

An exhibition of GCSE Art work has been on display in School this term.  Many parents, staff and pupils have commented on the good standard of work and the variety of mixed-media pieces produced. They were also impressed by the informative and colourful sketch books. Congratulations  go to the ex- St Wilfrid art students for working so hard and for gaining the grades they deserved.

 Mrs Morgan, Head of Art.

We viewed the previous year 11’s GCSE art work in a special exhibition in school. All the work was amazing and looked really professional! Chris Madray had made two amazing 3D paintings; Caitlin had painted some fantastic pictures of the London tube.

All the art work was spectacular, and deserved a high grade. Seeing the art inspired me, and interested me in taking art as a GSCE.

Brianna Miller


Today during our art lesson we went up to a room which was full of different types of are work and it was like a mini art gallery.

When we first entered the room it looked amazing and was filled with loads of different colours, drawings, paintings and loads more creative patterns and textures.

When I had a look around, all of the different types of are really inspired me and were very creative, colourful and just looked amazing! As well as looking at the art the different students had done, I also got the chance to look through their sketch books which were filled with lovely work; this was based on different themes. One of the sketch books I looked through was all about the student’s life and her identity and that was one of the things that inspired me the most.

Overall, I really enjoyed having a look around and it made me come out thinking about all the different types of art you can do. I also learnt that it isn’t just about getting a pencil or a paintbrush and doing a picture but there is the whole world that is full of art and creativity and all you have to do is go and explore it. Looking around at all the different art really inspired me and I would love to look at more!  

Tilly Brenton


Today, my class (year 9) went to the junior block to look at the Art GCSE work. There were all kinds of different types of ART, 3D Art, sketches, paintings, 2D art, Art about life, Art about the Artists life, Art that tells a story, all sorts! All of the work was produced by people who used to go to our school ,they did this work in their Art GCSE.

The pieces of work which caught my eye were the 3D hallway piece, which was made from card, and was an optical illusion. This caught my eye because if you stood in a certain place, it looked as if there was a hallway, and you were looking down it- an optical illusion!

Another piece that caught my eye, was a piece by Georgia. It was a plate with objects on it, each object represented life. The two chess pieces (one black, one white) represented black and white people. The roses symbolised romance and love, and the chicken wish bone represented luck. There were other objects on the plate, but these were just a few.

What looked good was the piece of large driftwood, with fishing lines and shells attached, and postcards showing under the sea, life.  I really liked Leah’s book as well. It was about her life. It was a large household book, which she was allowed to use. The pages were stuck together to make a sort of scrapbook, and it had pictures and things about her, what she likes, and about her life. It was a good piece of work which represented her.

I really liked all of the pieces of work we saw today, there was a wide range of different types and i liked being able to go and see them, and see what the Art GCSE  course will be like. I liked this Exhibition!

By Tara Santos

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