Animated Exeter 2011

On the 17th February Year 7 and 8 went to Animated Exeter. When we were there we had a quick look around the exhibition and then came back to the screen where we watched some short animations.

 These were my two favourite films:

“Manipulation” by Daniel Geaves – U.K Oscar winner.

This was a drawn animation. It is about a character that is drawn and then brushed away by the artist but he keeps coming back!

“Laughing moon” by Kiyoshi Nishimoto

This animation was a C.G.I which was a lot of fun! There was a moon that laughed a lot and a series of shapes that changed into different things to get to the moon.

Bijan Karkhairan

My favourite animation would have to be the ‘Laughing Moon.’ I think that the Laughing Moon animation is made from coloured pieces of paper cut into shapes. The Laughing Moon is based on a traditional Chinese game that simulates visual thinking and imagination. Brilliant use of minimal elements and sound to conjure all kinds of things out of a few basic shapes. In the animation, there are two Chinese people and a moon, the two people try and catch the moon, and they try all sorts of different things. The Laughing Moon is by Kiyoshi Nishimoto.

My second favourite animation would be the ‘Little Wolf.’ I think that the Little Wolf animation is made up with drawings. Little Wolf is a 2-D animation. In the animation, a little wolf gets stuck on the moon by finding it near the ground and he jumps on it, and then it goes up and up and up and up until the little wolf can’t get down. Little wolf’s brother and sisters then have to come up with different ways to try and get him down. When they finally give up, it’s the next day in the morning and the moon comes down and the sun goes up and the little wolf is back on the ground. Little Wolf is by An Vrombaut.  

Rebecca Pring.

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