The Spacex Gallery 2009

My Trip to The Spacex Gallery

On Wednesday 22nd April I and the Lower School went to The Spacex Gallery. At first I thought it might be like the last time, wre it was not that exciting but was really good! But when I walked in it was like a funky new world I loved it!! When we walked in, we were meet by a bathroom where it was all white, in the middle of the room there was a bath with a dummy, but the dummy had no arms or legs and no head! But there was water sprinkling out of the water and the whole room smelt like a bubble bath.

Next we came to the relaxation room, were there was red and orangy dark lights which made you feel quite sleepy. There was this big sofa like chair thing which was really comfy and on the wall was this ghost and if you made a noise it would scream. Next door there was a playroom with a ping pong table which everyone played on, it was a laugh!

We were then called to another room were we were told what was going to happen next. Lana, Emily and I climbed on to a normal arm chair and Lana ended up on Emily’s lap! We wre told to choose a room, then a colour. My team chose the thinking room which was dark and filled with boxes which formed a table with book and a single spotlight on it. The colour we chose was white. We where then given a mask, double sided sticky tape, two cups, five white pebbles, string and blue tack sort of clay. From those materials we made a face with string as hair and the blue tack as a beard and there was letters coming out of his head and the cups stuck onto the edges of the table as a sign of ideas coming out of his head. When we were all finished we looked at each others which were all really good.

I thought the trip was really good it was like a new world, like a dream that I wished was real, then I realised it was!


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