I love going swimming it is my favourite sport in the world.

I like diving or jumping in. We play nice games like water polo and we swim up and down the lanes.  Do not worry, you can hold on to the side. We do a swimming gala, but when you cannot swim you can choose to join in or not.  You would be in house teams and all the school goes to the gala.  We count up the scores and the team with the most points wins.

My favourite stroke is the front crawl, because it is faster than the other strokes.  My second favourite stroke is the back stroke because you can look up at the sky and float, and I always hit my head on the side.

Recently we have been learning to life save in our clothes.  It is hard to go under water wearing clothes because my clothes blow up with air making it hard to go under water.

Swimming is fun but also can save your life.

George West

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