St Dunstans Visit 2008

When St Dunstans arrived at our school, I was looking forward to going and listening to what they had to tell us. When it was time we went into the hall and we all took our seats. First they told us about the different types of blindness. Then they told us how a blind person does things that are hard without sight like making cups of tea and making sure you haven’t got odd socks on your feet.

The people there were Eric the blind man Catherine his helper and his guide dog called Paul. They told us that the sight Eric had was called macular vision, which is as if someone had given you glasses with two black blobs on the front that you would be looking through. They also told us how we can help a blind person, they showed us how to approach them and how to help them through obsticles and I got to be a tree

I found out a lot about the blind and I really enjoyed them coming to our school.

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