Sport Relief Mile 2012

On the 23rd of March 2012 all of St Wilfrids School’s pupils had to run a mile for sport relief. At first I had no idea what sport relief was. Before I knew what sport relief was? I thought it was some sort of thing like comic relief. I was sort of right. Except that in comic relief you dress up, and for sport relief mostly celebrities do amazing things like John Bishop cycling from France to the channel, then rowing on boat to England and then running all the way to London in five days. Millions of people sponsored him and all together he rose over £3,000,000.

When it was time to do the mile we all had to go in a line, then a group of Exeter college students would go in front of us so nobody would get worn out. It sounded like a good plan. It wasn’t.  Because the younger children didn’t understand the plan so they just ran straight past the Exeter college people. After that more and more children ran in front. Until me and my friend Josh was left. In my head when I did the mile I was thinking of “Run Rabbit” a song sung by British citizens during the Second World War to inspire people to keep going. After the mile was run run run (see what I did there!) we were all very tired. We all thought we were going to have a rest. We didn’t have a rest, in fact we had to go inside and do some work. But it was on the computers so it wasn’t that bad because you don’t have to move about that much.

Kale Shokar


On Friday 23rd St.Wilfrids school ran a mile the date when most people run it is Sunday the 25th. At 11 o clock we started to run it took about 15 minutes to run we all did it. Honestly I think I went off too fast off as Jude and Daniel I’m surprised they had all that energy but I didn’t go as fast. We did it with the college people which I felt sorry for them because they had to run with each class. They ran about 5 miles they were properly tired. I wouldn’t be surprised if they slept the whole week and I bet you some of them ran a few miles of Sunday. On Friday we all had to wear the colour of our house Scott, Raleigh [that’s right] And Drake. I’m in Scott so I had to wear red so did my sister Ruby. The mile was very tiring. After the race I could barely feel my legs I felt like I was going to hyperventilate. Of Course I didn’t. Us junior school raised £ 342 I think it was that any way some of us raised a small amount like £3 to 240 by Kale. Me and Ruby raised £40 together .It was a really fun day can’t wait to next year.

Ross Walsh



On Friday the 23rd of March I did the sport relief mile. At half past 11Ithought oh bananas it’s time for the mile but I actually enjoyed  it.  Some people ran their heads off all the way but I jogged. When I finished I felt proud but not to proud [also known as blowing your own trumpet].

Joel Heathcote



On Friday 23rd March 2012 St. Wilfrid’s School took part in Sport Relief 2012.

The whole school including some teachers agreed to run 1 mile to raise money for charity.  Our sport’s teacher, Mr. Bovington measured the mile and told us we had to run 17 times around our playground.

Now I am not very good at sports and am not as fast at running as some of my friends but because I had collected sponsor money I knew I had to try my best.

Surprisingly, it was fun! I ran the whole way, it was quite easy really, and Mrs Lovitt and Miss Norton ran all the way too!

We were given a wrist sweat band and a sticker and the junior’s raised a total of £381.00.

At the end of the day I felt tired but pleased I took part.  My Mum and Dad said they were proud of me and that made me feel good too.

Edward Marsh

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