Pantomime 2011



On 1st of November, Years 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 went to the Barnfield pantomime. Most of us had to walk there but the Eagles got a ride in the mini bus. When we were all sat down in our seats it started and it started with the fairy god brother as opposed to the fairy god mother. He had the afro hair with a bright orange suit and some high heel boots. He was funny. After the fairy god brother had introduced himself the prince came up but it wasn’t a woman, it was a guy. And then they had a really funny moment when they danced to Justin Bieber for a short moment even though he can’t sing and he sounds terrible. After that Cinderella was telling us how horrible she was treated and then we met the ugly step sisters. They were funny and they were guys. Then it was the interval and the prices for the ice cream were in my opinion a huge rip off. Some of the funny jokes were when this guy said would you like to see my secret weapon and then he said you’ll wish you never said that and he got a water pistol out and shot us all with it. And then Cinderella and the prince got together – you know the story. And there were three celebrities which were Winston off Eastenders, a guy off Coronation Street and a person from the X Factor a couple of years ago.

Eve Goddard

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