Nativity 2010

As part of the annual Carol Service and Prize Giving, which takes place at St David’s Church (, the Lower School produced a Nativity play entitled ‘An Angel Came To Nazareth’.

I arrived at the church second from last, and rushed to get changed, it was a very cold night.

The play was about an Angel  that came to Nazareth.  The whole of the Junior School all had various parts telling the story.  We had two narrators, Ollie B and Vaani.

I played the part of Joseph and Eve was Mary. I was a bit scared because there were loads of people there, all sitting in the large church watching us.  I had to keep my eye on Mrs Payton as she was helping us in case we got stuck. The most nervous part for me was walking down the aisle and all the parents were looking at us, my mum winked at me when I walked by.

I thought the play went really really well, and no one made any mistakes and everyone at the end gave us a big round of applause.

The end was best part because we sang a song and we had a drink and mince pies and I saw my sister’s cake that she made, and her cake was brilliant.

George West


I was extremely nervous when I was getting my costume on, I am Angel Gabriel and had a lot of lines. There were 3 other angels in the play, Emily, Ruby and Jessica (my sister).We had to get changed quite quickly because we had to get on the stage straight away after the vicar had said a few words. The church was really cold especially when you had bare feet and you were standing on freezing cold stone. There were lots of people watching us and you could see people staring at you but you can’t look at them. I had to step forward in front of everyone on the second line that had been said. I was glad when I switched places with Kate the Star.  When we had got changed we had to wait for the vicar to stop talking and we ended up waiting for a while but I didn’t mind it was quite a good time to have a little break before we went out onto the stage to find our parents. My parents tried to get as close as possible they were behind some year7, and then the teachers. My Mum and my Dad said to me and my sister Jessica that we did really well and they were very proud of us. I was glad it was all over and I remembered all of my lines. It was called An Angel Came to Nazareth.    

Bella Pallett

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