National Schools’ Film Week

There were 2 visits to the cinema for the juniors. One group went to see Ponyo which is a Japanese version of The Little Mermaid about a goldfish that wants to be a person. The other group went to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the latest instalment in the Narnia films.

Below are some reports written by the children.

The film called Ponyo is about a goldfish, which goes exploring and eventually it turns into a human. The film is set in Japan. At first his dad wanted him to stay in the water. When Ponyo came out of the sea he got sucked into a glass bottle. As he was floating on to the shore a boy called Sōsuke shook him out of the glass bottle, he never expected it to be a goldfish. Sōsuke took Ponyo to the nursery and Ponyo squirted water at a girls face! Sōsuke took it to his mum’s care home, there were three old ladies and one lady did not like the goldfish because it was from the sea .The moral of the film is about Ponyo testing true love on Sōsuke.

I liked the bit when Sōsuke was shocked after finding Ponyo. I thought it was a nice surprise. I found the film very enjoyable but very easy to be sad.

I liked the bit when the old lady was saying “Put that back in the sea ”because she spoke really funny. I also found it funny when Ponyo said “I love Sōsuke.”

What I found great in the film was Ponyo could make things bigger and better.

Kiran Nyatsanza


On Friday 21st   October I went to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader which is the 3rd in series of Narnia films based on books by C.S.Lewis

The film is about three children called Eustace which is the cousin and there is a girl called Lucy and a boy called Edmund.

The film began where the three children were in the bedroom and the picture stated to move .All the water began to fall out .But then when all the water was out of the picture they went under the water and they came out at Narnia.  They were swimming and they saw a ship. Prince Caspian got of the ship and went to get the three children. They got on the ship and they went to see everyone but Eustace did not because he wanted to go home but he stayed in a corner but he went into the bottom of the ship.

Lucy was in this garden. She heard voices but she did not know where they were coming from. There was a house .The voices said go in the house or your friends will get hurt. Lucy goes into the house and there was a book she open it and there was a spell she read it and it began to snow.

 Everyone on the ship sailed to an island they went off the ship and got on to a boat. When they got there they got off the boat and walk through the arch to a big crowd and they went to fight some people. But….Eustace was nowhere to be seen. This man gave Edmund a sword. Well done you’ve g got one sword but now you need to found six more. They walk out of the arch and went to get on the boat. Oh no, look, a dragon  !!!!!

The dragon was flying around the ship and they were trying to kill the snake. But… In the end the snake was dead and the dragon was dead to. The dragon was Eustace .

Everyone it time now. But Lucy did not want to go because it was her last time here. So the mouse went first and Lucy, Eustace and Edmund all went home.

I really enjoy the film, it was very entertaining.

Amelia Dutton                  


On Friday 21st October the Hawks and Kestrels of St. Wilfrid’s School went to the Vue cinema to watch the Voyage of the Dawn Treader for National Film Week.

This book was written in 1950 and published in 1952 as a fantasy novel for children by C.S.Lewis. It is the third book of the Chronicles of Narnia.

The opening of the film was set during World War 2 and had the fantastic spitfire flying overhead.

Edmund , Lucy and Eustace were the main characters who met up with the Prince Caspian for a trip across the sea aboard the royal ship – The Dawn Treader.

One day Edmund , Lucy and Eustace were at home when suddenly a picture of a ship sailing on the sea started moving. Amazingly the sea started pouring out of the picture. The room became flooded and they were carried on the waves onto the ship.

Their adventure was to sail to the island that created bad dreams and kill the evil spirits.  To do this they had to collect seven swords.  The seventh sword was the hardest as it was inside the island.  Lucy, Edmund, Eustace and pirates had to fight a sea monster, bad dreams and evil spirits.

At the end of the story the island and bad spirit’s vanished into the air and all the prisoners were set free.

I really enjoyed this film, it was interesting and it made me feel happy and excited.   When this film is released in December in 3D I would like to see it again with my Mum and Dad as I am sure they would love it too!

Edward Marsh   


The film starts with the Lucy, Edmund staying with their cousin Eustace in England when they saw a painting of a boat move.  Then water came out of the painting and flooded Lucy’s bedroom.  They then found themselves in Narnia and rescued by King Caspian and taken on board his ship the Dawn Treader.

They then sailed to four islands to find the seven lords of Telmar and their swords.  Along the way they encountered sea monsters, one footed trolls, mermaids and Eustace was even turned into a dragon.  They found six of the lords and their swords dead or unable to move.  The final lord was alive and on the evil island that Eustace visited as a dragon, when the lord saw the dragon he threw his sword at the dragon who caught it and flew back to another island, and was changed back to a boy by Aslan the lion.

Eustace then returned the sword to Aslan’s table which had the other six swords.  Once this was done Edmunds who was fighting the sea monster with this sword then killed the monster and the evil island disappeared.

I found the film enjoyable and recommend it to everyone.

George West                                          


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