Mythic Gardens 2008

On Friday Setember 19th all of the Lower School went to the Mythic Gardens in Chagford. When we first got there we had tuck and then walked along a muddy country lane. We then split into four seperate groups, 6AP, that was us, went around together for about half an hour and in that time we saw a minotaur leaning aganist a tree looking very thoughtful, a couple of herons and some horses standing in a pond. There was also a massive egg which all of us managed to squeeze into and sit down. We where then allowed to go off on our own but we all decided to stay together we then saw some dragon’s eggs, a metal band, a massive pineapple and loads more.

My favourites were the pineapple, dragon’s egg and the minotaur. I thought it was a great day out and I really enjoyed it. Josh

Today we went to the Mythic Garden. First we were told which groups we were in, we stayed together. Lana and I went off to draw a statue of a pineapple, we saw some flying fish. The best bit was when we were allowed on our own because we were able to explore, we found this big egg. We all went in it and we got kind of squished. I saw massive leaves as they were so cool, it was time to go it was the best day ever. Lea

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