Lower School Sports Days 2011


Sports Day

On Wednesday 22nd June it was sports day. The houses were Drake, Raleigh and Scott. I was in Raleigh. I was in the 100m and the tug of war. I loved the 100 m but the bad thing was that my shoe came off while I was running but I was still very proud of myself. When I was watching in the grand stand it was raining and thought I would have to do my sports in the rain but luckily I didn’t. I n the end it was sunny. I thought everybody did very well and was very proud of them. When we did the tug of war our team won the year 4, 5, and 6 tug of war. At the end the winner of the sports day was Drake. At the end of the sports day I was very tired and I thought maybe we will win one day because I know we can. It was great.

By Kate Goddard


St Wilfrid’s School Sport Day

On Wednesday 22nd June we had our Sports day. It was held at Exeter Arena and lasted all day. The weather wasn’t very good, it rained quite a lot and was rather cold. There are 3 teams, Drake, Raleigh and Scott – I am in Scott. I took part in the 400 metre run. I am not particularly good at running but I tried my best and came in 4th, which I am very pleased with. I was also in the cricket ball throw and the tug of war. Also in Scott was Oliver Beadon, he is really fast and came first in a lot of races. I am very happy about this as I think he is a good sportsman and a nice friend to have. At the end of the day the ex-pupils challenged the mums and dads at tug of war and the mums and dads won! I enjoyed my sports day and would like to take part in more activities next year. Well done St.Wilfrid’s School.

By Edward Marsh.


Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Olympics.

Whilst the rest of the school were at Exeter Arena competing in the annual sports day the Eagles invited the Mini Monkey’s over for a social morning. The Mini Monkeys ranged from age 2 to 4. We enjoyed a lovely morning playing both inside and outside. We also spent some time designing plates for ourselves and our lovely teddies. We played pass the parcel (with funny forfeits!) and then sat down (in the hall as it was raining rather a lot!) and enjoyed our picnic. We had a lovely morning and we were sad when it was time for the Mini Monkeys to go home! We are hoping to have another social morning soon.

In the afternoon we held a Teddy Bear’s Olympic. We completed a series of different races with the aid of our teddies. The races included a relay race where the teddy was the baton. Throwing the teddies into the box to score points and balance the quoits on the teddy. The gold medals for overall success went to Harry Mackey and Daniel Newberry but the scores were very close. Well done Eagles!


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