Lower School Activity Week 2011

On Tuesday 29th June the Year 6 upwards, all went to Escot. 

First of all we went to the car park and got our bags on the trailer and then we walked all the way to the place where we would sleep for the night. After we got there we walked through some palms (almost as tall as me!) and got to a place where some other people came before and we looked at different types of dens/shelters/tents to make and we saw how many people could fit in one by asking for volunteers to try it out, then we were told our groups (I was with Freya, Harriot, Lucy, Rebecca, Emily and of course myself) and we decided what shelter we would make. After that we had our lunch around the fire whilst sitting on (not so comfy) benches, then we started on our shelters! Ours was quite a good shelter, it was under a tree and all we had to do was get some leaves and twigs to make the roof better at the top. It fitted all 6 of us perfectly and it wasn’t to far from the main camp. After we had got all our bags together and sorted all our beds. Then the teachers and we were bored and had nothing to do so we went to a river/stream and we played ‘Tug Of War’ over the stream!!! But the bad thing was the team who lost got dragged in to the stream! Also before you got to the nice clean stream there was mud and dung!!! We won most of the’ Tug Of War’ but on the last go I slipped and fell into the mud and sat there!!! I got washed off in the stream but I was quite wet and cold! So that was the end and we went back to the main camp.

Then we had a walk. On the walk we first went to ‘The Maze’ and then we walked to ‘The Death Slide’! Then we went back to the main camp (where we were sleeping) and had our dinner (pasta, tomato sauce and cheese. Also for pudding loaf cake and custard). Then we had some marshmallows by the fire and some stories! Then bed.

The next day (I was woken up a 2:00 in the morning then went to sleep then woke up at 6:00!) on that day we got up in the morning and packed up our bags and had breakfast (bread-jam, marmalade and butter also toast, eggs and bacon). Then we went out into the sun and made dream catchers, did archery and did some whittling. After we took apart our shelters and took all our bags onto the trailer. Then had lunch and did the swamp walk! It was quite muddy and disgusting! Then at around 2:30-3:00 we were taken home!

It was very fun and interesting but worth it! I think we all enjoyed our selves and would love to come again!

By Isobel Dawson 


We had an African drumming workshop. There were 3 big bass drums which anchored down the music. The tambourines acted as a metronome to keep everyone in time. The other drums played the rhythms. It was really fun and very noisy. By Harry Mackey.


On Monday the 28th June the junior school and year 7, 8 and 9 went to Painton Zoo. It was great fun we saw a great variety of animals. My favourite was the gorilla because it looked really wild and big. I thought it was good to see all the animals being looked after well. Most of the enclosures were clean except for the monkey’s enclosure which had lots of food scattered around the room. It was really funny watching the monkeys play in their enclosures. There were a lot of ropes and other things they could play with. We saw a lot of snakes of all different shapes and sizes. I really liked the poisonous frogs, especially the poisonous Blue Dart frog.

We spent about an hour in the Education Centre, we got split up into 3 groups. I was in a group of year 3, 4, 5 and 6. We learnt a lot about animals which live in Africa. I learnt a lot of interesting facts about all sorts of animals like giraffes, elephants and zebras. I had a great time and would love to go back.     

By Bella Pallett


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