Exam Week – November 2010

Exam Week by Kale Shokar:

Every year we have Exams. They are so difficult, that I wished that they didn’t exist. But they do, so I had to do them.

In French I got 87 out of 100, and I thought it was quite easy. In English I got 50 out of 100, and I thought it was ok, but my Mum says I need to read…read…read.

In Maths I got 67 out of 100, and I thought it was fun. In History I got 50 out of 100, and I thought it was ok. My mum says I need to work harder at this subject. In Geography I got 62 out fo 100, and I thought it was super fun. In Science I got 70 out of 100, and I thought it was ok, and in R.E. I got 62 out of 100, and I thought it was fun.

I revised by reading a bit and then I would have a quiz from my mum.  The facts I did not get right I read about again. When they were all finished I felt free, because I had no more exams until May, and because it is our Christmas play in December. I am really looking forward to it.

 When I got a good mark in French my Mum and Dad were so pleased because I am not the best in French. 

Exam Week by Jacob Mackey:

We have exam week because the teachers need to know how good we are at subjects and see what we didn’t understand. But they don’t give us exams because they’ve got nothing else to do with us.   I revised by looking at my books, reading notes and trying to remember them without looking at my books. Mrs. Payton helped me revise by telling me which books to look at for the next day. My mum helped me by testing me on each of the subjects.    On exam week I felt calm, I was glad I wasn’t nervous. I did very well in Science, French and Geography as I got over 78% in all of these. My favourite exam was French because I liked the questions.    English didn’t go well because I thought I did well but I only got 58% but I did worse in maths I only got 53% and in history I only got 50%.    My results were: English 58% Mathematics 53% Science 78% French 79% History 50% Geography 79% R.E. 67%. I think I could have done better in English and Maths. I think I did very well in French and Geography.  

Exam Week by Eve Goddard:

Exam week is probably the most difficult time for me. But I have to say in maths I felt quite confident because I personally think that  maths is the one thing that I take time over. I don’t just rush it like some people could have or might have done, but that’s just my point of view. In most exams I felt quite relaxed, but that’s just normal for me but other people might well probably have a different point of view but that’s just me!     

Some subjects I find quite interesting and some I don’t but the one I’m not so sure about is definitely geography because it’s the lesson that I tend to fall behind in, but sometimes it’s okay but it’s not my strongest subject, but I hope I will get there in the end and the one person that helped me through exam week to cope was …BELLA!

Exam Week by Oliver Beadon:

On the first of November the whole school did a week of exams for our exam week. This is just to see where we are in our education and get us practised for things like S.A.T, G.C.S.E and A levels. Of course we had to revise and the best way to do so is to study from the subjects you have all year like history we revised ancient China and Geography we revised about river erosion.

Exams are very tiring and it does make you feel down and miserable but it is very worth getting used to them because you will do them a lot in life. I think personally that the science test  was the hardest, and so was the geography test. The English test was the funniest I got good results all around but the lowest result was in maths with 60%.  

With my revision I did it independently but it can also help if you do it with a parent, guardian or even a sibling. The tests set in our class were Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, French and RE. When in the senior school we would have more tests like H.E and Physics.

This exam week is quite hard because we had just returned from half term and also we have only a limited time to rehearse for our school play which is a Nativity. But we had a nice after-noon on Friday with no exams and now just have to worry about the school play.

 Exam Week by Wilf Allison:

I have just had exams week. It was quite hard. It helped when I did revision. Once I had revised my Dad would give me a quiz on the subject. I found science the easiest, and I got quite a high mark. Some of the questions were hard and some were easy. I found History the hardest, because it was all on Ancient China. I am not very good at it, but I like the subject.

My friend Kale was about my level. At the end of Test Week every time we got a mark for one of the subjects we would compare at break. Kale beat me at some subjects, but not all!

At the start I was worried, but it all went well. Next time I am going to do extra revision and try to beat this year’s results.

Although the teachers don’t do any teaching in Test Week, they have to work quite hard. They have to mark huge piles of books every day.

Exam Week by Vaani Shokar :

 Every year at St Wilfrids,we have a week of exams.I read my revison books, and wrote down key notes for me to revise .I asked my Mum to test me on what I had written l down. Before my first test, my stomach was full of butterflies. When I got my exam results I was amazed at my scores.I got 82% in my Geography and 81% in my French. The lowest score I got was in my History. For my English exam, I was given several papers to do. I revised by reading, I read everywhere. I read in the shops, in the park and on the loo! When it came to my English exam, I was really nervous. Some of the questions I found easy, but some of them were very difficult.For my Maths exam, I was given two papers to do. For my Maths revision I decided to go online, I used a website called “MyMaths” that gave me lessons on all the different areas of maths. On the first Maths exam I found it a bit difficult, but on the second one I finished it with record time for me.For my Science exam ,I brought home a book that would help with the parts of science that I found difficult. I was given two tests. When I got to my Science exams, I was very satisfied with the work I had done. For my French exam, I was told that I was to learn my numbers up to100, animals, basic French speech and colours. When it came to my French exam I was very nervous.When I had got my results I was amazed that I had got the highest exam score I’ve ever had!For my History exam, the test was on Ancient China. I took home my history book, and a book on Ancient China. In the exam there was a section on the Great Wall of China which I found rather interesting. For my Geography exam, there were several topics like:rivers, countries and continents, map symbols and more. In the exam there was a page, with the map of the world, and was told that I was to name the seven continents.Overall I think I did pretty well in exam week.(Even if it was the worst week of my life).

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