Eagles 2011


Eagles Summer Term

 The Eagles grew vegetables because we were learning about DIG FOR VICTORY we planted our vegetables from seed and grew them in the conservatory. When they were big enough we planted them outside. We grew radishes, carrots, beetroot, lettuces, cauliflower and broccoli. Unfortunately caterpillars ate the cauliflower and broccoli. However we were able to make a salad with the other vegetables. Everyone liked the carrots best and the beetroot was a near second. Most people didn’t like the Radish. By Harry Mackey in Year 2

Ruby’s and Daniel’s opinion on being an Eagle

Daniel: I like being an Eagle because it is fun and I am getting better at doing my work. My favourite lessons are maths and English because I am getting very good at writing. My best friend is Jude and Kiran. I like to play football with Kiran and play horses with Jude.

Ruby: I like being an Eagle because I get to work with Miss Norton. I like playtimes because I get to play horses with Jessica, Daniel and Jude. My favourite lesson is maths because I am very good at it. I am also getting good at reading.

 About St Wilfrid’s

Our school is very polite and friendly. Our clubs are football, rounders, cricket and rugby. In the lower school there are three classes. the classes are called Eagles, Hawks and Kestrels. The teachers in the junior school are called Miss Norton, Mrs Lovett and Mrs Payton. Miss Norton is going to get married next year and will be called Mrs Clack. The Hawks and Eagles are lucky because they can do gym club. We recently grew some vegetables and we harvested them and made a salad. It was yummy apart from I didn’t like the beetroot and I didn’t like the radish. By Kiran and Jessica

Hi my name is Jack and I am going to tell you all about the people at St.Wilfrid’s School. There is a nice boy in the school called Harry. He is very smart and he is a good reader and friend. I am now going to tell you about Kiran. Kiran is a nice friend to me too and I like playing football with him. He is very good at making friends and on his first day he was very brave and talked to everyone. I wasn’t so brave I tried to hide but I made friends with Josh who I knew from Preschool and now I am friends with everyone in the junior block. I really like it here at St.Wilfrids.

Hi my name is Jude and I am going to tell you about my friends. My friends are nice to me and although sometimes we fall out we always say sorry and make friends again. I am in the Eagles and I like writing and I am good at maths. Miss Norton calls me her Mathematician because I am a wizard at maths! My favourite lesson is French. I like it at St.Wilfrid’s and I am looking forward to activity week!

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