Coldharbour Mill 2008

Today I went to Coldharbour Mill which is an old Victorian mill in Uffculme, Devon. It was great fun, because we dressed up and pretended we were in the Victorian times. We came past the bridge and went into a little room where we had to wait for a strickt man called Mr Robson to come and talk to us. Mr Robson was the manager of the mill, he is not a nice man he bosses you about saying do this, no you did it wrong. But, if you got one thing wrong you would pay a visit to the evil Mr Tickles.

Mr Robson arrived and Mrs Rodgers did the register and our names were called out to see if we were suitable for work. Once we had been checked in we went to the steam room where they had to scrub the boiler and little kids would have to go underneath and clean the boiler. We were also shown how the machines worked, sorted out the wool and we were able to feel some and keep a bit too!

Mr Robson took all the girls upstairs and showed how we had to stack bobbins. We were all set a task, mine was to stack bobbins. A lady called Anne, who works at the mill, came to talk to us and told us a secret. We then met up with the boys and we all had to read a poem.

I really enjoyed pretending to be a Victorian child, but I definitely don’t want to work at the mill.


It Was great fun, because we dressed up and pretended we were in Victorian times. We saw the biggest woolen mill in Devon. It was huge then we went inside the mill, stacked bobbins and cleaned the machinery.

During our Victorian re-enactment we met a man called Mr Robinson, the manager of the mill and a sweet, kind old lady called Anne Amstrong who was dressed up as a Victorian wool factory worker. We also learnt that a boy earned, in a full week, two shillings and sixpence and girls one shilling and sixpence. The whole experience was strange it felt like I was in a story.

I finally saw Mr Robson with a smile on his face which seemed really weird because through – out the whole day he acted very mean. All in all I loved going to Coldharbour mill and hope to visit again one day.


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