Animated Exeter 2011

On Wednesday 16th February the Lower School spent the day at several venues in Exeter as part of the Animated Exeter event, which is held annually in the city.

On Wednesday Kestrels and Hawks went to Animated Exeter. We walked to animated Exeter from our school in the spitting rain. On arrival there was another school there taking part which we mixed with. When we got there we had to do silly faces at the computer you did it really fast and it was really good and funny. Then we had to draw our background for the animation, we got quite messy with some chalk. Some of us made some people or animals to go on our animation foreground. After our morning break, we came back to the room and did some movement on the green screen and it looked like we were moving against a background.  At the end of the session we all jumped on the green screen which was great fun.

We stopped for lunch and walked in the pouring rain to another place in Exeter. Here we made some animals and robots to move around the floor to make movement. I really enjoyed that, it was very funny. Then we went off and watched several films.One was all upside down, then a  film about a lost dog which was in black and white and that film was sad. Another film we watched was about what you see and was made into colours and beautiful patterns. After the films we made some collages. I would give the day 10/10.

George West

On Wednesday 16th Kestrels and Hawks all went to Animated Exeter. At first we all went to the Exeter Phoenix Centre. At the Exeter Phoenix Centre we did lots of activities and then watched some clips of animation from other people. First of all we had a work shop, which included chalk drawings (where we sketched some weird and strange things in chalk), animation with our selves (on a computer there was a picture of a background that the other group drew and on the floor was a green cloth and we all took turns crawling across it).There were cut outs from magazines(where we cut things out of a calendar or a magazine and stuck them on to our chalk drawings) and an animation where we all went in a line and then they took pictures of us pulling a face. Next we had some screenings of other animations(My favourite was the “laughing moon” and “manipulation”, but my least favourite was “what light”).

We then walked to Spacex. At Spacex we made a 3D animation (where we took some materials and put them together, and we had Eve fighting a robot – Eve won). Then we watched an upside down landscape, then there was a pixel animation about a dog who wants to find his way home and the other screening was lots of materials put together. Last but not least we built some 3D models.

My favourite thing that we did at the Phoenix was the clips of animation and the chalk drawings. My favourite at Spacex was the 3D animation. My least favourite activity at the Phoenix was the in a line thing because I wasn’t sure what face to pull and I found it quite strange. On the whole I had a great day and I would probably like to go again.

By Isobel Dawson

On Wednesday 16th February the Kestrels and Hawks from the Junior school went to Animated Exeter. This is Exeter’s special festival that is about animation and it is set in different places. It starts at the Phoenix and then moves to the Spacex gallery and other places around Exeter. So Kestrels and Hawks went to the Spacex gallery first and the teachers set up a work shop with a guide. We first did stop frame animation when we went in a line like a snake and made funny faces at the camera and we had to move our arms to make an animation which lasted around about 15 seconds. Then we did charcoal and pastel drawings as a background for some more stop frame animation. We added some pictures which were cut out and modified and some pictures that were drawn. After we came back from having some tuck we had to lie down on a green fabric for green screen to add the picture in the background. The supervisor set up a camera and Mrs. Payton said what movements we should do. After everybody had been on in small groups Mrs. Payton said for us all to go on. It was a bit squashed but we managed at least. Then we had a viewing of the animation movies which were brilliant. After that we went to the Spacex gallery where we were welcomed by the staff there. We had no time to stop because we got to work straight away I went off in one group and some of the others went off in a different group. We went and made some collages and did some more stop frame animation. This was 15 seconds long and took around about half an hour to make.

Then we went to watch some movies which were made using stop frame animation. Each one lasted at least 15 minutes. Then we had a look at a man who used stop frame animation and sped up the time in the sky and did optical illusions which was surprising to your eyes. Then finally we went to see a drawn animation which was about a lost dog trying to find its way home. The music made a big effect on it. On Thursday we went to the Castle gallery which was very cosy and had some brilliant paintings and cartoons. One of my favourite was the starry night by Van Gogh but this artist had stuck a cartoon in front of it and the cow was missing half an ear because van Gogh chopped off his ear. We were told to pick a drawing and draw it our self. I picked the cow of course.

Ollie Beadon

On Wednesday the Hawks and the Kestrels went to Animated Exeter and Spacex. In the first workshop, me and a group of other people had some charcoal and a big sheet of paper. We had to draw anything we wanted.  It was quite hard because half of the group had to draw upside down, I was one of those people but I didn’t mind. The next workshop was where there was a green mat on the floor, one of the helpers was holding a laptop and he could change the green mat into the other group’s chalk picture as a background and then we would take it in turns to crawl across it. We got to watch some cartoon animations, the longest one was 8 minutes and 18 seconds, the shortest one was 1 minute and 30 seconds. My favourite was “Laughing Moon” it went on for 6 minutes.  My least favourite was “common sense” which was the shortest.     

After Animated Exeter we walked to Spacex. Some other groups had started making some 3D collages and each group could add to them, I started adding to one that looked like a roundabout. I put on a flag and some foamy stuff, it was great fun. We got to see some different types of short animated films. They were called “The Lost Dog” and the other didn’t have a name. The person who made it took pictures of buildings which had different colours and patterns and then placed them on top of each other, making different colours and textures. The last film we watched was upside down and was playing really fast on the sky but slow on the ground. Our next activity was to make a film that lasted about 3 seconds. In ours Eve was a mad snorkeler and was trying to destroy a robot that some of the boys made. She won but Wilf wanted some revenge and pulled Eve into a whirlpool.                  

On Thursday the Hawks and the Kestrels went to the Castle galleries. We got to look at the different pictures on the walls. There were so many pictures to choose from but my favourite was one with cartoon cows on it which were leaning against a fence which had quite a lot of detail in it, it also had lots of clouds in the sky which I thought were in perfect shape. The Artist did a few other ones with cows in them, there was one that had one cow in it but it only had one ear, that was because Van Gogh argued a lot with his brother and cut off his ear and sent it in the post to his brother to say he was sorry. I tried to draw the one with the cows and the fence. I succeeded with the fence but it was quite hard to draw the clouds and the cows. For my other drawing I did Sponge Bob Square Pants, I did him standing next to his pineapple house it wasn’t as hard as the other one I did but I ran out of time. I’ll finish that one another time.

Bella Pallett

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